Harp Chakra

Harp Chakra is a harp duo consisting of Patrick McGee and Bekki Shining Bearheart. "Captain" Pat McGee is an elemental harper known for his trance harp music. He has been a "fringe musician" at Wisteria festivals for many years, and is often seen strolling through the campgrounds playing peaceful airs or sensuous waltzes. Pat plays a variety of musical instruments including Irish harp, concertina, and bag pipes. His latest recording is "Ravenwood," which features Pat on Irish harp and Sean O`Malley on the wooden flute. Bekki Shining Bearheart has been a singer and musician most of her life, primarily in the traditional Celtic style, and composes healing songs as part of her Faery Doctoring practice. Harp Chakra anticipates releasing their first CD this summer. They will be performing at Caffeina's stage and at the Candle Labyrinth this Starwood.

















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