The Telesma experience is an ecstatic trans-cultural phenomenon with a highly infectious and danceable beat. Exploding on the Baltimore music scene in 2002, it soon developed a loyal local fan base and then shook the underground festival scene from coast to coast. Alex Grey, the noted visionary artist, hailed Telesma as "shamanic... with a sense of an underlying universal wisdom...a rare combination in a rock/techno band."

Telesma's vast arsenal of musical finery includes instruments as divergent as the didgeridoo, kubing (bamboo mouth harp from the Philippines), to electronic and tribal drums and the manDrum, one of the inventions of Telesma's guitarist, as well as bass, keyboards, drum kit and the human voice. Telesma's sound has been sometimes described as "psychedelic tribal prog rock," with diverse sounds ranging from intense polyrhythmic rock to the trance-like pulses of modern electronic dance/groove music. "To experience Telesma live is to become part of the show. More than just music, it's a swirling, whirling, twirling's extremely hard not to become involved in the swaying, hypnotic rhythms that pour forth from the stage." - Michael Macey of the Chesapeake Music Guide

Telesma is: Ian Hesford (didgeridoo, kubing, dumbek, percussion), Jason Sage (keyboards, vocals, percussion, programmer), Joanne Juskus (vocals, percussion, karatalas), Chris Mandra (guitar, analog guitar synth, the manDrum, and vocals), Bryan "Jonesy" Jones (6 string MIDI & upright basses, theremin, percussion), and Mike Kirby (drum kit, percussion, electronic drums).

















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