Larry Brown

Lawrence Diehl Brown is a novelist, astronomer, and musician. He received a B.A. in English Literature from Ohio State University, where his studies included Honors history, Astronomy, and Early Music. He is an ordained Shamanic Priest through the Lineage of Gary Stamper and the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts in Asheville North Carolina. He was formally initiated into the Mankind Project in 2008, and staffed an MKP Initiation weekend in October of 2012. Larry recently began leading a weekly group of men and women called FUSION which combines experiential with cognitive processes to explore ways to increase intimacy in all of our relationships. He is an avid writer and contributor to scientific journals, and is the author of FLARE, a science-based thriller incorporating ancient and modern astronomy. He builds and uses his own telescopes and eyepieces, and is an active member of the Cincinnati Observatory in Mt. Lookout. After college he lived for a short time in Istanbul, Turkey where he explored ancient ruins and developed an interest in the astronomy and astrology of ancient civilizations. He travels widely exploring ancient astronomical sites in England, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean. One of his favorite pastimes is "sidewalk astronomy" where he sets up his telescope in a local neighborhood to allow passers-by to view the moon, the planets, comets, star clusters, and any other bright objects visible from urban sites.

















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