Chris "Foxfire" Bush

Chris "Foxfire" Bush has been working as a lead drum facilitator with Tuatha Dea Drum Nation for 4 years. Along with other members he has been fortunate to have worked with various recognized facilitators from around the country, and currently works part-time at international import company Djembe Drums and Skins where he functions as the lead associate regarding the building, maintenance, care and repair of African drums. Chris has received in-house training from Tuatha Dea Drum Nation regarding drum facilitation techniques, and is skilled in the use of both the Didgeridoo and the Native American flute. During his tenure with these instruments Chris has received instruction from and worked with nationally recognized artists such as Shibaten and renowned flute maker, Karen Lancaster. He plays Native American flute, Didgeridoo, and a variety of hand drums and cymbals with Tuatha Dea.

















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