Norman Christiansen

Norman Christiansen has been a Chameleon & an ACE organizer since before the very first Starwood Festival, and a speaker at Starwood, WinterStar, and other ACE events. He studied in Cleveland, OH at Case Western Reserve University & Cleveland State University, with coursework in physics, electrical engineering, life sciences, chemistry, & whatever else caught his interest, and received a B.S. in Biology from Cleveland State. His independent studies & readings (within & outside academe) include topics such as: Earth as Gaia, food additives, herbalism (including healing plants, sexual tonics, psychotropics, etc.), medicinal chemistry, trancework, traditional stories, historical alchemy, waging nutrition on the cheap, & collecting vintage (& current) hippie lore. He is a fixture of the United SpaceRangers' G-Spot, has played the Starwood main stage with the band Witch Disco, and for decades "Gnormie's" kitchen and its ever-renewed pot of veggie stew has fed many a hungry Chameleon, speaker and entertainer at Starwood.

















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