Matthew Fallon

Matthew Fallon is an Artist, Musician, and Permaculturist, and the proprietor of Tribal Wind Arts, an artisan-craft studio in Long Island NY, where he also runs the Baldwin Organic Garden Share. He has been crafting flutes since 1999, and creates rustic-furniture, jewelry, home decor, woodturnings (such as wine-goblets, bowls and wands), living willow garden structures and more. All finishes are organic food-grade oils and waxes; no toxic or synthetic chemicals are ever used. His work is inspired by world travels/traditions, nature and sustainable practices following Permaculture design principals & ethics. His pieces are consciously created primarily from local bamboo, and "waste trees" diverted from landfills that are then chainsaw-milled by hand and air-dried. Matthew's music has an earthy, primal, multicultural influence which lends itself well to meditation, relaxation and reflection. He shares his knowledge and love of music, craft and nature with children and adults through hands-on workshops, interactive demos, concerts, exhibitions, retreats and private instruction.

















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