Victoria Ganger

Victoria Ganger is a long-time Starwood organizer, as well as a singer/songwriter who has graced many a Starwood stage over the years (her song, "PaganFest Barbie", has become a "cult classic"). Victoria's acoustic trio, Revelry, (with Lisa Lefkort and Mary Alice Tummonds) has produced several CD's and currently performs in and around the Cleveland, OH area at events such as Folknet's Rootstock Festival, and at The Barking Spider Tavern.

Victoria is also a self-taught crafter, who has created a number of unique product lines (and even sold a few). She specializes in projects that are fast, fun, and functional, and which re-purpose common and recyclable materials. Her most recent craft epiphany came she attended her first Duct Tape Festival (really) in Avon, Oh. She now uses duct tape for everything but its original purpose.

This year, Victoria comes out of the crafts closet to offer her first-ever Starwood workshops: "Duct Tape Festival Masks", and "Blingy Wind Thingies". You'll find her playing with stuff at the Starwood Creation Station.

















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