Marty Laubach

Marty Laubach is the chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Marshall University who studies and teaches on the social processes underlying knowledge, science, and religion - in particular as they intersect in spiritual experiences. He has been a long time presenter at festivals and an active participant in the American NeoPagan community. He was one of the founders of the Crystal Serpent (a Bloomington, IN ritual Magick group) and the Bloomington, IN, and Huntington, WV, CUUPs chapter. He was an elder of the ELF Lore Family from 1985 to 1992 and editor of the Elven Chronicles newsletter, and has co-organized major rituals (with Bete Cabal) at past WinterStar Symposiums and at ELF Fests. He has published articles on a number of issues relevant to American Neo-Paganism including how Neo-Pagans "do" and use experiences of psychism. He has practiced and taught Tai Chi since 1976, using William Chen's adoption of Cheng Man-Ch'ing long and short forms. He currently teaches Tai Chi beginning and advanced classes in Huntington, WV.

















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