Yust Lundberg

Yust Lundberg, in his daily work as the Faery King, shares knowledge from his travels to six of seven continents; his personal journey, experience and ancestral understanding, combined with information from his deep study of the esoteric and spiritual arts, tribal history and more. He has worked as an associate shaman for full moon gatherings at Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, and produced many events for CoSM and other Venues over the years, some of them rogue and spontaneous (so watch for them at the festival). In his postings, workshops and talks he shares vignettes from his very magickal childhood in Key West, Florida, that led him to embrace the path that has consumed his daily life these past fifteen years; that of the integrated shaman.

He is a co-founder of The Gossamer Court, "an affiliation of spiritually inspired artists devoted to healing through art", through which he shares many aspects of the art scene everywhere. He is about making magick, music and art wherever he goes. Alchemical events, raves, live performance, writing, chanting, overtone, percussion, and dance are only a few of the things that this integrated shaman is known for.

Yust works the fire in a very unique way, and it is appreciated by many for his altered perspectives. His experiences as mentor, guide, sojourner, psychic and practitioner on the festival/gathering circuit and elsewhere - living these wonderful things - have all validated his living his personal mantra of "healing through art."

















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