"Captain" Pat McGee

"Captain" Pat McGee is an elemental harper known for his trance harp music. He has been a "fringe musician" at Wisteria festivals for many years, and is often seen strolling through the campgrounds playing peaceful airs or sensuous waltzes. Pat plays a variety of musical instruments including Irish harp, concertina, and bag pipes. He graduated from Ohio University in 1970 and the University of Kentucky's Law School in 1978. He worked with the Legal Services Office in Morehead, Kentucky, doing cases on environmental issues, landlord tenant cases, and civil litigation. After transferring to Athens, Ohio, in 1980, he served as a local public defender for over 13 years. In 2008, he assumed the task of carrying on the Labyrinth candle tradition at Wisteria from his teacher Candi Moore, and has refined his meditative music to enhance the journey. His latest recording is "Ravenwood," which features Pat on Irish harp and Sean O'Malley on the wooden flute. He is a founding member of "Harp Chakra," and anticipates a release of their CD this summer. He also continues to share in the mysteries of alchemical fire rituals and ceremony with members of his "Fire Family" as practiced by the Vegas Vortex.

















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