Tamrha Richardson

Tamrha Richardson is a Daughter of Aset and a Priestess of Hekate, the ancient Goddess of Crossroads, Witchcraft, and Midwifery and, according to the Chaldean Oracles, the Cosmic Soul. A Wiccan since 1998, whose practice would be termed Progressive in nature, she recently hived off from the Coven of the Lunar Temple stemming out of the Novices of the Old Ways (NOW) ~NYC. As a transplant to the Midwest, Tamrha facilitates Novices of the Old Ways ~Indianapolis (NOW~IN). She was trained by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone in Trance Prophesy Regression, and studied Seidth as taught by Diana Paxon via Freya Aswynn. She is a Certified Birth Doula and Doula Trainer through Childbirth International, a Childbirth Educator, and a Homebirth Midwifery Assistant with Believe Midwifery. Tamrha also volunteers as a Pagan Minister and facilitates Wiccan Circles within the Indiana Department of Corrections through Indianapolis Pagan Prison Ministry (IPPM). Within the Indianapolis community, she has facilitated Red Tent ceremonies as part of her Priestess work and training.

















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