Bekki Shining Bearheart

Bekki Shining Bearheart LMT began her study of astrology, tarot and metaphysics in 1970 and Paganism in 1982; and has been a shamanic teacher and healer since the early 1980s, teaching throughout the eastern US, Ireland and England. She has been a singer and musician most of her life, primarily in the traditional Celtic style, and composes healing songs as part of her Faery Doctoring practice. Her formal training is in Art and Art Education, and she has been a licensed massage therapist specializing in Structural Therapy since 2000. In 1990 she co-founded the Church of Earth Healing, a shamanically-based ministry, in Athens OH. She plays harp and sings in the duo Harp Chakra with "Captain" Patrick McGee.

















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