Doug Sundling

Doug Sundling has been involved with sweatlodges since 1986. He brought the sweatlodge to Wisteria in 1997. Since then, he has constructed and maintained a sweatlodge site - its frame, blankets, and other equipment at Wisteria. While he has facilitated sweatlodge ceremonies at various other festivals, he currently has been focused on facilitating sweatlodges for events held at Wisteria. Raised in America's Heartland, Sundling has earned a B. of Architecture and a M. of English. The summer after graduating from high school, he began what has become an enduring relationship with the American wilderness with extended backpacking trips from 4-6 days to 4-6 weeks into the Appalachia Mountains, the Rockies, the canyons of the Colorado Plateau, the hills of Indiana and Ohio, and the tundra of the Yukon and Alaska. Having planted thousands of trees and continuing to do so to help restore the indigenous deciduous forest and improve water quality of the upper Wabash River Basin in Indiana, Sundling evokes the ethics of wilderness.

















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