Eatmore Toadstools

Eatmore Toadstools PhD has been studying, picking, and eating wild edible mushrooms and plants for over 30 years. He took up the cultivation of medicinal and visionary herbs plants over a decade ago. In recent years he has also turned his attention towards lactic fermentation. He was president of the Mycological Association of Washington in 2003, and was its newsletter editor for a number of years. He is currently a member of the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club, the North American Mycological Association, and the North American Truffling Society. He has a PhD in public policy from George Mason University. Over the past two decades Eatmore has taught adult education courses in mushroom foraging, presented mushroom, plant and fermentation workshops at a number of festivals and events, and has been the featured speaker at a number of programs including the Bird, Tree and Garden Club at Chautauqua Institution. His mostly mushroom musings blog is

















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