Tuatha Dea Drum Nation

Tuatha Dea Drum Nation is a group of facilitators in South Eastern United States associated with the Celtic / World Music band Tuatha Dea, performing at Starwood this year. Their goal is to serve the community through the interaction and exchange of the drum's energy in an effort to break down barriers while promoting self confidence, team building, self-expression and over all personal health through the power of rhythm. Drum Circle facilitations are being used all over the country by people of all races, religions, creeds and status'. Companies like Apple Computer, Motorola, McDonald's, Microsoft, Sony and Toyota, to name just a few, use drum circle facilitation to instill such qualities as teamwork , unity and community in their employees. Other businesses such as nursing homes, grade schools and universities also find it a useful tool in therapy and development. Experience it! Everyone has a drummer within them. Members of Tuatha Dea will be offering adult, women-only, and kids' drumming classes. No one is too young or too old to enjoy the magic and power of the rhythm of the drums!

















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