Nellie Werger

Nellie Werger is a long time participant in Theater and Music. She has been director, designer and producer of many productions as well as a professional costume designer for 20 years. She is currently the costume designer for the Ohio University opera and the co-director of SATB: a different kind of choir. She is the founder of the Wisteria Solstice Fashion Shows, which promote and encourage expression through design with recycled materials. She has recently been conducting a series of workshops on vocal music at the Huntington Unitarian Fellowship.

Creating on The body: Forms of Adornment

Make-up, masks and hats and headgear are a brilliant form of expression. They are a way to both hide your identity and express parts of your character that may otherwise be hidden. I would like to help people design their own pieces and help them create them so that they can wear them during festival events. Hats and horns and crowns and masks can all be fashioned from readily available materials: paper and glue, paint and fabric can all be manipulated to fashion these designs. Make up and body paint can be used as well.

Singing from the Spirit: lessons in Voice

What is the Musical instrument you always have with you? Your voice. It allows you to be a part of music and still be an individual. we all use them, we all abuse them. there are ways to produce music that are effective and expressive and powerful, that won't leave you with "festival throat" In my lifetime the ability of communities to sing together and share music has been slowly fading. I would like to revive that spirit, with a few simple songs that can touch the heart. Whether you chose to carry a melody or harmonize, or fly off into descants, there is a place for every voice and ability.

















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