Athena Windsong

Athena Windsong is a music educator, flute teacher, renegade flute soloist, Middle Eastern flute improviser, ethnomusicologist, music historian and radio personality. She has taught music to all ages and ability levels from 3-year-olds to adult life-long learners starting in 1997. Athena holds a Bachelors of Music degree from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL, and a Masters of Science in Education with a concentration in Instrumental Music from the University of Dayton (Ohio). Her workshops are informative, in-depth, interactive, and FUN! Athena enjoys seeking out and finding whatever is necessary to get her students to say "ah-HA!" as all the pieces of the musical puzzle fall into place.

Athena Windsong's knowledge of flute repertoire is superb: from Classical to Jazz to Middle Eastern-inspired improvisation. She has spent her entire life as a flute performer: grade school and university music school student recitals, performing in and coaching marching bands, youth orchestra participation, and stage performances in the Mid-Atlantic States as a solo artist as well as Carnegie Hall, NYC. Athena applies her studies of the neurological effects of listening, creating, and performing music to her curriculum of Ethno-musicological (the study of World Music) principles and Comparative Cultural Studies for students of all ages.

















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