Jason Winslade

Jason L. Winslade, PhD is a scholar of performance studies, writing and rhetoric, and popular culture. He teaches at DePaul University, offering classes in topics including comic books, the shows of Joss Whedon, the occult history of Chicago, and Burning Man and festival culture. Dr. Winslade has published articles and book chapters in many journals and anthologies, the most recent being an essay on feminist witchcraft in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in a collection of essays on religion in Joss Whedon's work. Other highlights include collaborating on one of the first scholarly works about Alan Moore's Promethea in the collection Graven Images as well as a chapter on Neil Gaiman's Books of Magic in the anthology Supernatural Youth. Jason is also a veteran of the Midwestern festival scene and is an active musician and drummer, playing with bands such as Faebotica and Mayan Ruins.

















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