Pope Wishdiak

Pope Wishdiak is a practicing Discordian, Pagan, and Thelemite, who has been studying the occult for most of his adult life. He contributed regularly to the Pagan zine THiNK!, and participated in several online rituals via Internet Relay Chat in the Undernet channel #Wicca in the 1990's. Pope Wishdiak has been attending Starwood since 1999 and has been the webmaster of the Starwood website since 2007. Originally from the Salem, MA, area, Pope Wishdiak now resides in Connecticut with his girlfriend and two fish.

Light, Life, Love, and Liberty: An Introduction to the Gnostic Mass

Aleister Crowley's Liber XV, the Mass of the Gnostic Catholic Church, is the central public and private ritual of Ordo Templi Orientis. This workshop will introduce the audience to the O.T.O., and to the deities, concepts, sections, and purpose of the Gnostic Mass in an informal setting. No previous experience with the Gnostic Mass is required.

What's In A Name?

Everyone has a name, and some of us have several names. The primary purpose of a name is for identification, but many ancient, and some modern, traditions assert that there is power in knowing the "true name" of a person, an entity, or a spirit. In this workshop, we will discuss different types of names, such as common names, Pagan and Magickal names, literary pseudonyms, and more.

















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