Danny Mullikin

Danny Mullikin (aka Damasqhs) functions as the lead facilitator for Tuatha Dea Drum Nation. He has been involved in music for over 30 years and has worked with hand drums since 2004. He's been conducting drum facilitations, rhythm based events and drum workshops for schools, special needs groups, companies and corporations, national youth organizations and the general public for 8 years. Danny has worked, trained or facilitated with nationally recognized drum facilitators, Arthur Hull, Jana Broder, Dave Holland, Greg Whitt, Robin Leftwhich, Ken Om Crampton, Susan Petrie and Scott Swimmer. He and other members of Tuatha Dea Drum Nation have participated as featured facilitators at the International drumSTRONG Cancer Foundation, LEAF and many other rhythm focused events. Danny has worked for and received training from Shorty Palmer and Djembe Drums and Skins regarding the building, maintenance and repair of African drums and is a member of the International Drum Facilitators Guild. He is the lead male vocalist with Tuatha Dea, and plays guitar, harmonica, and a variety of hand drums.

















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