The Starwood Festival, as always, presents a diverse roster of speakers and workshop presenters. Many of our teachers are published authors in their fields, decades-long adherents of their paths or participants in their pursuit, or founders and/or leaders of organizations dedicated to the study of those subjects. From Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Stephen & Ina May Gaskin and Terence McKenna to Raymond Buckland, Janet & Stewart Farrar, Isaac Bonewits and Phyllis Curott, we have tried to offer some of the finest luminaries and cutting-edge minds. We acknowledge our origins as a Multiversity, a celebration of creativity, spirituality and discovery, and continually strive beyond anyone's expectations to provide quality education in a wide variety of topics to Expand the Frontiers of your Consideration.

Here are a few of the many people who will be speaking at Starwood XXXIV:

New Frontiers

Magic & Spirit

Music, Rhythm & Movement

Craft & Creativity

Wellness & Healing

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