Performer Application Form

Starwood 35, 2015

Submit complete performer submissions to A.C.E by February 28, 2015.

Any item marked with a "*" is required.

Main Contact/Manager

(if different)
* Is the Main Contact/Manager planning on attending Starwood?
Yes  No


* What is the best way to contact you? Phone Email

Please provide a short 4-8 sentence paragraph of your performance/group and style (to be published in the program booklet – subject to editing)

* Have you attended Starwood before? Yes  No
What other events/venues do you expect to apply to or perform at in June and July of this year?

* Do you and/or group members offer workshops? Yes  No


* When are you available to perform? All concerts occur between Tuesday evening and Saturday evening.
Available to perform any time during Starwood.
Limited to the times checked below.


We need the names and addresses of all other performers in your group to ensure that they can get in at registration.

Compensation Consideration:

* Do you require compensation beyond free entry and camping for all performers? Yes  No

* Do you plan to set up a vending area beyond main stage time/space? Yes  No


I/We all intend to stay onsite for 24 hours or less
I/We all intend to stay onsite for more than 24 hours
We all plan to stay offsite
Some may stay, some may go

Entourage (optional):

Typically, non-performing family members within reason are occasionally permitted to attend at the camping-fee-only rate of $65/adult or $20/child as a courtesy for families wishing to attend Starwood together. Please list all family members who should be considered for this proposal, along with their ages if under 21. Please note any special considerations in this space as well.

Any Additional Info

Use this space to tell us anything else you think we need to know about your group

REMINDER: Submission of this form does NOT guarantee acceptance of your act!
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