Workshop Speaker Form

Starwood 35, 2015

Submit complete workshop submissions to A.C.E by February 28, 2015.
We may be unable to schedule proposals received after the above date.

Workshop slots are 1.25 hours (75 minutes), so shoot for a single slot per workshop, or, if you must, a double (2.5 hours). All submissions will be up for vote and, upon acceptance, you will be notified (and asked for a picture and possibly more information about you and/or your workshops). Submissions do not guarantee acceptance; if we did that, Starwood would be a month long festival!

Any item marked with a "*" is required.

Contact Information

(4-8 sentence paragraph; include relevant degrees, published works, background to teach your subject to be printed in the booklet – subject to editing)


Compensation Consideration:

(typically free admission) is considered only for two or more workshops. Please list any non-typical considerations here as part of your proposal.

Entourage (optional):

Typically, non-workshop family members are occasionally permitted to attend at the camping-fee-only rate of $65/adult or $20/child as a courtesy for families wishing to attend Starwood together. Please list all family members who should be considered for this proposal, along with their ages if under 21. Please note any special considerations in this space as well.

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