Vending at Starwood

All vendors (and their employees/helpers) must be paid attendees of the Starwood Festival. There is a $35.00 fee for each vendor, vending space is not guaranteed, and electricity is limited.

Vendors are required to affix a fire extinguisher to the front of their booth so that it is accessible to anyone in case of an emergency.




Tour Book Merchant Ad: Size and Submission Requirements
NOTE: All ads are placed as best we can. No placement preferences, please!

Ad Size
Vendor Name
Contact Phone Number

All food vending must be arranged through Wisteria (

Coming early?

As always:

* All spaces are out of doors, electric is very limited and fees apply. Electricity is first come, first serve and never guaranteed.

Questions for ACE concerning Starwood registration, event fees and advertising should be directed to:,

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