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Located conveniently near I-90 on Cleveland's east side, the Starwood Center is a comfortable environment for classes, lectures, and other activities hosted by ACE, the Chameleon Club, and others. The carpeted space includes two conversation areas, a small stage, a coffee & tea service area, extra folding chairs and tables, and the entire sales set-up that ACE brings to its events (like the Starwood Festival) with a fine selection of books, T-Shirts, CDs and tapes covering a broad range of interests and tastes.

Ongoing activities include

  • our Drumming Circle which meets from 9 PM to 1 AM every Thursday. Participation is free, but a LOVE offering is suggested for coffee, tea, and bottled water. If you are new to hand drumming and other percussion, or you don't drum, there are plenty of dancers and nice folks.
  • and the meetings & occasional parties of Stone Creed Grove (a local ADF Druidic group), including a Blessing Ritual the first Friday of each month, open to the public.

We share this space with Audio Kreme Studios, run by Regis Sedlock (the Sound Guy from Starwood), and between us the Center features a great sound system, DVD & video projection, and various lighting and special effects options. It has hosted a variety of activities from CD release parties, to the Devo fans' annual "Devotional", to a multi-media representation of Timothy Leary's 8-Circuit Brain Model (offered by Joe's Om Appliances), to workshops by such fine instructors as Jim Donovan (drummer for Rusted Root) and Ian Corrigan (author of The Portal Book).

Some past events include:

Revelry "highly irREVELent!" CD Release Party.
It's a living room YOU don't have to clean up! A "secret" venue...as unique as the music you'll hear!

Timothy Leary's:
Eight Circuits of Consciousness
with Live Soundtrack provided by:
Volta Sound
Plus: Information Compulsion Booth and Mind Machines... Let your mind go

The Center is available to host your classes or activities, and Audio Kreme is available for your recording studio needs (or to bring his sound system and expertise to your location).

The Starwood Center can be found at 712 E. 185th Street (& Hiller) conveniently located between Puff-n-Stuff and John's Fun House and across from Medic Drug. Merely a mile or so North of I-90.

Contact us at 216-404-STAR (7827) for details.

E-mail and Web info: ACE@Rosencomet.com| http://www.rosencomet.com

Store Hours: By Appointment

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