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Timothy Leary's:
Eight Circuits of Consciousness
with Live Soundtrack provided by:
Volta Sound
Plus: Information Compulsion Booth and Mind Machines... Let your mind go

Welcome to the Starwood Center - we hope you like what we've done with the place!
Circuit #1:
Lifestage: "Infant"
Brainstage: Nourishment survival, imprinted on Mother, 2-Dimensional space.
Leary's description: "After the incredible journey of being born, the earthling baby has earned the bliss of cuddling in his/her mother's arms. Automated survival instincts of suckling and clinging to mother's breast activate. This reality is primarily 2-Dimensional, wherein the babies' surroundings are less important beyond being loved, safe and warm."
What you'll find: Come on inÍthe water's fine! Try experiencing your reality at eye level. Find "mom" and be warm, nurtured, and comforted.
Circuit #2:
Lifestage: "Toddler"
Brainstage: Locomotion, political,
Leary's description: "When a toddler gets his/her wheels (learns to walk), he/she becomes a full-fledged member of the clan. Circuit two activates mastery of one's dexterity and the manipulation (both physically and politically) of one's surroundings. The phenomena known as the "terrible two's" is a result of circuit two development."
What you'll find: Here be objects and boundaries! It's time to develop your concept of personal space. Explore. Play "Twister." Gather and hoard things. Stake our your territory and defend it.
Circuit #3:
Lifestage: "Child"
Brainstage: Language past/present/future, conceptual, 4-D (time)
Leary's description: "As the child masters locomotion and politics, circuit three activates the ability to conceptualize and use tools/artifacts. The most intricate and powerful artifact is language. The ability to communicate in a sophisticated manner allows access to the clans available knowledge. Peer group activity becomes the paramount re-enforcement signal. Mastery of the concept of time allows the ability to reflect and predict."
What you'll find: It's time to find what represents your world. Discover words, symbols, and communication tools. Leave a message. Talk about your earliest language experience. Make up a new language and teach it to others. Or communicate without any language at all (if you canÍ)!
Circuit #4
Lifestage: "Adolescent"
Brainstage: Puberty, sexual-emotional
Leary's description: "Circuit four is triggered through hormonal activation. These emotion-chemicals mutate the body into the adult form. As the earthling body transforms, alarming and dramatic emotional changes occur. Not to worry... These physical and emotional outbursts are actually quite normal. They are necessary exercises in opening the fourth or "Heart" circuit."
What you'll find: Welcome! This is the place to imprint social roles and develop your civilization. Put on your "responsible adult member of society" mask! Find your family unit. Interact with them. Share food. Look like you belong. Conform to their society (it's okay here).

Circuits 5 through 8 - The Big Picture
"As the earthling enters adulthood, the potential for the activation of circuits Five through Eight become available. These circuits are of a increasingly transcendental nature. Where Circuits One through Four are said to be analytical in nature, circuits Five through Eight are intuitive and psychedelic in nature." - T. Leary

Circuit #5:
Brainstage: Ecstatic, imprinted by peak experiences. Non-ordinary reality... Being "High"
Leary's description: "Circuit Five is activated by repeated and consistent application of various highly sophisticated technologies developed by ancient earthling initiates. These practices take many forms to appeal to a wide audience. Athletics, Drama, Literature, Meditation and Music are a few examples of such technologies. As an earthling excels in any of these yogas, they achieve a state of concentration and skill that produces an ecstatic or euphoric sensation within the body/mind. The resulting elevated sense of Well-being and comprehension (being high) insures repeated practice."
What you'll find: . The psychedelic experience begins here! Discover pleasure for pleasure's sake. Explore body paints, pastels, lights, toys, and shiny things. Play! Enjoy the experience of using your body and senses as tools for enjoyment.

Circuit #6:
Brainstage: Meta-programming, thinking about thinking, re-programming old imprints, reality selection.
Leary's description: "Circuit six is associated with so-called psi phenomena such as pre-cognition and telepathic ability. Modern physics describes all matter as vibratory in nature. In interpersonal communication, the implementation of circuit six is perceived by earthlings as 'picking up on the vibes' of another individual. In the old days we used to call this being in tune with one's bio-rhythms. The implementation phase of circuit six may be thought of as creative reality selection or meta-programming as described Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D. in his book: Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer. The ability to redesign one's reality is known as the Art of Magick in certain circles (no pun intended). The basic concept is that if one has focus and technique, one can re-define the way one sees and interacts with universe."
What you'll find: Here's the place to self-program your nervous system. Try doing it with "PONG"--one of the first interactive television experiences! Check out the biofeedback machines and meditation aids. Get hooked up!
Circuit #7:
Brainstage: Collective unconscious, species wisdom retrieval.
Leary's description: "Here is where we tap into the earthling collective... past, present and future. Circuit seven is the collective unconscious mind/brain of Dr. Carl Jung. It is believed by science that all of humanity's evolutionary history is archived within the double helix of our DNA. This information may be accessed through circuit seven activation. Reincarnation and past life regression may be alternative interpretations of aspects of a fully functional circuit seven."
What you'll find: Here's the space to discover your DNA is malleable and can be reprogrammed. Access symbols of life and genetics. Discuss where we're going as a society. Want some topics? How about how much of our life is controlled or determined by your genes? Should we create new species? Would you eat genetically engineered food? Should you clone Fluffy?

Circuit #8:
Brainstage: Galactic mind, non-local access to universal matrix, contact.
Leary's description: "The ability for earthlings to be in communication with non-local (other worldly) intelligence has been recorded since the dawn of time. Out-of-body experience, cosmic consciousness, communion... there are many interpretations. One of the greatest and least offensive verbs used to describe this phenomena is inspiration. To be inspired is arguably the very basis for all human creativity and cultural development."
What you'll find: This environment culminates the evolution of consciousness. As Tim says, "the return to the Violet Whole at the center of the galaxy". Here's where we drum and dance--using the vibrations of sound to experience the quantum reality of waves. And waves represent our best understanding of the basic structure of existence.

Thanks Joe & Karen!

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