Thing in
the Woods




What is The Thing in the Woods? What is that huge amorphous glowing object? What is that throbbing drumbeat, those eerie sounds, that music somehow both alien and familiar? Those bizzare, reclining figures with the flashing glasses, that steaming cauldron of mist and people, the scent of woodsmoke, mushrooms, and gourmet delights?

It's ACE's Autumn event at Brushwood Folklore Center, the site of the Starwood Festival, made even better with the The PufferDome, our inflatable programable party environment - with the ACE sound system it provides the perfect all-weather site for music, meditation, and multi-media mayhem! We'll be drummin' & jammin' with members of ESO's Djembe Outlaws and Chameleon at Club Tiki-Banzai, showing videos, playing with mind-machines, doing O's in the Roundhouse and enjoying other fun activities around the hot-tub socializing and slacking off. Additionally, we'll have a special feast (at a modest price) Saturday night, potluck munchies other times, and free cake, cookies and hot beverages in the Brushwood Lounge day and night.

It's a Party for our friends and family, a camping weekend with no scheduled curriculum. No general mailing has gone out; a flyer was only sent to ACE Members, Starwood work barter folks, Chameleons, past speakers and entertainers, and other folks who help manifest Starwood, WinterStar, and all the other ACE projects and activities. (Others are welcome at a slightly higher fee.)

Bring your instruments, toys, games, and whatever you'd like to share. Teach a class, a song or dance, or just enjoy one more chance to camp out and have fun while the weather's still nice and the Brushwood trees turn color. We'd love to see you there.

Or, if you'd like to "do" something, contact
Captain Chas