A Thing In The Woods

The Thing In The Woods is a sort of non-event... a camping weekend at Brushwood Folklore Center, the site of the Starwood Festival.

No general mailing has been sent out; these invitations have just been sent to A.C.E. members, Chameleons, past presenters and work-barter contributors to our events over the years... but anyone can come (for a slightly higher fee).

The Thing in the Woods will be whatever you make it, or don’t. Bring your musical instruments, or don’t bother. Bring food and drink to share at the Saturday Night Pot Luck in the Lounge, help yourself to free coffee and cake there at breakfast or anytime, or go eat by yourself. Check out the mind machine set-up we’ll provide, or give it a miss. We’ll show videotapes on a big screen projector, including footage from past events; check ’em out or skip ’em. Offer your own class, workshop or ceremony, or just plain slack off. Have a nice day, or just forget it. (I mean, who are WE to tell you what to do?)

We’ll be discussing past events issues and future event proposals, pet peeves, wish lists, and tall tales about the old days... and we’ll probably talk about people behind their backs (you, if you’re not there). Mostly, we’ll have FUN, and enjoy one more chance to camp out in the good weather (we hope) and enjoy the hot-tub before the season comes to a close. We invite you to offer a performance, class, or to merchant; contact us by 9.10.99 and we'll post it. Email to ace@rosencomet.com or call 216.932.5421 with information or to request another flyer, and keep checking our here for updates. Think of this non-event as a blank book - and you’re the words!

Unavoidable Fees

If you get a flyer addressed to you, the fee is $25 (just $5 over the Brushwood camping fee to cover mailing and incidental stuff). Anyone else pays $35 (that'll teach 'em!) Just pay at the door - its too late to send it in. See ya' there! !


Brushwood has plenty of fields and woods, campsites with hot showers (and flush toilets), a hot tub and a swimming pool (kids must have parental supervision), and complete clothing-optional privacy. Firewood and fire-pits are readily available. New York law mandates recycling, therefore PLEASE PACK GREEN (we mean it). The evenings can be chilly, so bring warm clothing and extra blankets.

Registration opens Friday at 1:00pm. Admission will be closed each night from 1:00am to 8:00am.

If you need more information contact A.C.E.

Directions to Sherman

map to brushwood Find Sherman, NY on a NY map (That's the hard part). It's on Rte. 17, West of Chautauqua Lake in southwestern part of the state.
From NW, SW, W: Take 90 East past Erie, PA. Then, take 430 East (Exit 9) or 17 East (Exit 10A) to Sherman, NY (about 17 mi). For an ultra-scenic route off 430, in Findlay Lake, take the first right after Jesus, it's Bailey Hill Road. Go through 2 stop signs and you're there. Caution: these are gravel roads with hills and cows.

From SE, E: Take 17 West through Jamestown to Sherman.

From NE, N: Take 90 West to Westfield. Use Exit 60 & go South on 394 to Mayville (about 7 mi). At light, turn right (West) on 430 & take into Sherman.

Sherman to Brushwood: Sherman's only 2 blocks long (Main St. = 430). Go to west end of Main (Ford Dealer on corner) and turn South onto Co. Rd. 15. Drive 3 miles to first 4-way intersection (there's a sign there), which is Bailey Hill Road. Turn right (West) on Bailey Hill & go 1 mile. Brushwood is on the left with a BIG sign. Brushwood: (716) 761-6750.