The antics begin Thursday at 7:30 with two simultaneous parties! At the Lodge we'll hold our now-traditional Chameleon Pool-Party Mixer, so you can enjoy Atwood's luxurious pool, hot-tub, and sauna. Take your time, 'cause we'll be drummin' and jammin' late into the night at the Welcome Wagon Party, where we'll be greeting the late-night arrivals with pot-luck refreshments. A great opportunity to make connections early in the program.

We start by welcoming, for the first time at an ACE event, the magical Court Jester of the counter-culture, Wavy Gravy! Founding father of the still-thriving Hog Farm Commune, one of the stars of the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, and Merry Prankster, he's master of ceremonies everywhere from Woodstock to Camp Winnarainbow. Wavy will share his joyous approach to cosmic clowning and street shamanism, drawing on a lifetime of service with a smile.

He's joined by fellow Prankster, Zen satirist and Yippie co-founder Paul Krassner, called by some the Father of the Underground Press (though he demanded a blood test!) and by the F.B.I. "a raving, unconfined nut"! Publisher of The Realist and the man who led Groucho Marx on his first acid trip, Paul joins Wavy to share Misadventures in Music, from the Acid Tests to the Grateful Dead's concert at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and beyond.

Northcoast BONUS!

Paul and Wavy will be making these Special Appearances.

Get ready for Too Much Fun at Club Swank®, a Dobbs-approved event presented by ©ertified $ubGenius ®adio Pagan Ken "Bleepo" AbernathyTM (AKA Bill Kates), who creates promos, radio spots and comedy theatre pieces for major market radio, and does sound for films and theatre. He is a contributing writer for High Times Magazine and appears on the air withHigh Times Radio.

Check out the Changeling Times with Ken/Bill's review on Starwood that appeared in the December issue of High Times.

And The Firesign Clones, an impromptu radio theatre group composed of Chameleon Club members and friends (with a good dose of SubGeniuses) which attempts to recreate the performances of 60s-70s comedy theatre stars Firesign Theatre, will present the classic radio-play parody "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger, Third Eye".

PLUS! We've set up three cottages to voluntarily hold a Drumming Party, a Bardic Party, and a Space-Jam Party! Check your schedules for cottage numbers.