Halim E-DabhKent State Music Professor Emeritus Halim El-Dabh has travelled the world studying and participating in the music of tribal cultures. Originally from Egypt, Halim is an experienced drummer and performer on a wide variety of authentic African musical instruments and on keyboard, and will lead us in a Mandingo Jam.

Olvardil Prydwyn holds an M.A. in Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh and, with the band Green Crown, performs Pagan music on a variety of traditional instruments including voice, harp, cittern, guitar, lute, mandolin and flutes. He will offer a discussion of the Bardic Tradition and a performance with Green Crown, a fine Neo-Pagan acoustic group featuring Diana McFadden and Jim Barleycorn Brewster.

Chas Smith holds a Master's Degree in Music from Cleveland State University, with a focus on composition, ethnomusic, music therapy, and his topic for this symposium, electro-acoustics. He directs and plays keyboards for Einstein's Secret Orchestra, (a Psychedelic Cosmic-Blues Space Band) which will perform for us as well, and has programmed ESO Swamp Radio at WCSB 89.3 FM in Cleveland since 1987.

Long time Chameleon and ACE organizer Donna Boswell holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Music, and has sung with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus, the Blossom Festival Chorus, and the Annapolis Opera. She has organized Healers Row and First Aid for the Starwood Festival, and led the Chameleon Madrigals in it's early years. Donna offers a workshop on invocations, myths and magic as themes in classical music.