Like a ray of bright sunshine in the midst of a grey winter day, this year's WinterStar Symposium offers a blast of sheer joy and fun for everyone! We're real proud of this program, and we know you'll enjoy this celebration of laughter and spirit,brought to you with pleasure by ACE, the Chameleon Club, and all your good friends from the Starwood community. So get ready to kick out the jams and have some fun!

WinterStar Nights

    Registration for the fifteenth annual WinterStar Symposium opens Thursday at 6 PM in the Hospitality House (Cottage 17), followed at 7:30 with two simultaneous parties! At the Lodge we'll hold our now-traditional Chameleon Pool-Party Mixer, so you can enjoy Atwood's luxurious pool, hot-tub, and sauna. Take your time, 'cause we'll be drummin' and jammin' late into the night at the Welcome Wagon Party, where we'll be greeting the late-night arrivals with pot-luck refreshments. A great opportunity to make connections early in the program.
    The class schedule begins Friday in the Lodge after the Opening Circle at 1:30 (when the merchants finally get set up across from the classrooms), and continues until dinner break. The evening entertainment begins at 7:30 with a performance of the classic Firesign Theatre radio play "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger" by the Firesign Clones. Then ACE presents a concert featuring the Neo-Pagan folk group Green Crown and cosmic space-band Einstein's Secret Orchestra. After the concert, Diana L. Paxson will offer a powerful ritual of Oracular Seidh.
    Classes run Saturday from 9:30 until the 6:15 dinner break. Then our Saturday night ceremony, Journey to the Center of the Worlds, will be offered by ír nDra╠ocht F╚in, with special help from Ian Corrigan and Stone Creed Grove. It will incorporate Bardic Circle aspects in a prayer/praise offering, so bring your (short) songs, chants and poems to share. And, of course, there's nothing quite like the Friday and Saturday late-night activities at a Winterstar Symposium, the perfect indoor festival to break up those long Winter months. We've set up three cottages to voluntarily hold a Drumming Party, a Bardic Party, and a Space-Jam Party! Check your schedules for cottage numbers.
    Sunday's classes will run from 10 AM until 12:45, pausing for lunch and Cabin Check-out. We'll meet again after lunch for the Closing Circle, the last "shopping op", and our final tearful farewells.