The Magic of Community

Never before has Community meant so much to us as in these times of national crises, and never has our need for the Special Magic of Community been greater. We’ve seen, in our time of sorrow, the power of a common enemy to cause even the most divided of peoples to stand united. Yet we must remember those more positive reasons to come together, for cooperation, for celebration, for healing, and to share our common adventure as we reach for distant stars.

We have gathered together, students and elders alike, to draw upon our many communities: from Druid Grove to Hippy Commune to those living tribal cultures that hearken to our most ancient heritage. Let us warm ourselves at the common hearth-fire, and fill the hall with song and light, for we surely need to kindle a fire against the Winter’s cold.

Join us at WinterStar.

This four-day event offers a unique opportunity to experience spiritual growth and good company in luxury-resort surroundings. It features a "village" of fully equipped cottages, free access to resort amenities (including indoor pool, spa and sauna), and top-name presenters discussing Magickal, Social, New Age, Consciousness Exploration, Health-Oriented, and Political issues with Drumming, Dancing, and Chanting workshops, Slide and Video presentations, Films, Rituals, Parties, and Musical performances.

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