Winterstar 2002

The Magic of Community

Delroy, OH ~ Feb. 28 - March 03, 2001

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There’s nothing quite like the late-night activities at WinterStar, the perfect indoor festival to break up those long winter months. We’ve set up cottages to host parties of different styles:

  • The Space-Jam Cabin with Einstein’s Secret Orchestra
    ESO is a Cleveland-based ensemble capable of everything from sonic soundscaping to tribal world-beat to balls-out rock&roll, and has developed a strong reputation among pagan gatherings, psychedelic happenings, space-rock festivals and big city rock clubs alike. With a collective musical experience that extends past the lifespan of most humans, ESO brings a treasure trove of musical styles to their dynamically theatrical stage shows. Let X=X. But theyíre here to rock your world, whichever one that may be.
  • The Acoustic-Jam Cabin with the Bardic Bardos, that myth that became a band that became a myth, have returned from their most recent Other-World tour ready to share their special brand of Mirthful Magickal Mayhem. Wielding various strings,winds, vocals, and lots of percussion, they’re sure to get your feet moving and your spirits soaring! The Bardos draw inspiration from around the world and across the ages, from Medieval and Celtic to jazz, rock, and rap. This year’s community of musicians includes Billy, Barleycorn, Bowregard, B. Maxwell, Babe, and Brown Sugar.
  • The Drum-Jam Cabin with Halim El-Dabh and
    Dennis & Linda Murphy
    and the usual suspects. Don't forget to dress in layers, it gets hot in there!

Registration for the nineteenth annual WinterStar Symposium opens Thursday at 6PM in the Hospitality House (Cottage 17), followed at 7:30 with the Welcome Wagon Pot-Luck Party, where we’ll be drummin’ and jammin’ late into the night and greeting the late-night arrivals. A great opportunity to make connections early in the program!

Merchant set-up begins at noon on Friday, and the Opening Circle is held at 1:30, with classes running from 2:00 - 6:15. After a break for dinner, the Bardic Bardos will perform in the main hall at 8:00, then host the WinterStar Community Concert where YOU help weave the fabric of our musical tapestry. (Please limit offerings to 10 minutes; sign up at the Registration Table.)

Classes continue Saturday from 9:30 AM until the 6:15 Dinner break. Then on Saturday night Ian Corrigan and Liafal present The Hearth of the World: Dancing in the Cosmic Village, a ceremony using music, trance, dance and multi-media enhancement, combining the talents of several members of the WinterStar roster, to conjure the Hall of the Elders and seek our place in the Circle of All Beings.

Sunday at 11 AM we’ll present a panel discussion entitled The Magic of Community, with members of our symposium roster. We’ll break for lunch, attend the Closing Circle at 1:30, and take our last opportunity to visit our merchants and for warm farewells.

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