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 Winterstar 2003 - A Feast for the Senses
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Here are only some of the workshops being offered this year at Winterstar XX:

The Temple Way - participating in group ceremony
Many modern pagans are trained in personal ritual, in solitary magick. Some of us have gained some skill in leading group ritual. Yet magical work requires that those present at a rite are participants, not just spectators. It is by the willed and active cooperation of the ‘congregation’ that any ceremony succeeds. This workshop discusses the techniques that individual participants can bring to any group ritual to support it’s intention, and gain the good of the rite. This session will use ideas from the Saturday multi-media ceremony, teach a few rhythms, songs etc. - Ian Corrigan & Liafal

The Vertebrate's Burden -- From The Sunny Shores of Procrastinaria to the Dark Land of Duct Tape and Cover
Rev. Stang's new sermon tackles the sore subject of "kooks," especially SubGenius kooks. No, we're not repeating ourselves; there are kooks even within the hallowed halls of Crackpot Central. This leads to a discussion of the grave dangers of philosophical relativism, and the fallacy that "Bob" being right or wrong could ever make any difference, whatsoever. Finally, Stang, risking charges of hypocrisy, will violently, phyically attack the war, those fighting it, those fighting for it, and those fighting against it.
Following the battle, if he is not killed, Rev. Stang will be available to perform private Inorcisms, that is, the introduction of fresh demons into troubled SubGeniuses.
Rev. Stang will also sponsor Forbidden Science instructional video showings in the Space Jam cabin in the dead of Friday and Saturday nights.

Drumming Chanting and Dancing
Exploring the sensations of movement and sound from the perspective of African rhythm and dance. There is a traditional connection to animals, plants, and the natural world that can be experienced through rhythm and movement. Bring drums and/or your instrument of choice. - Halim ElDabh

Don't Let Pain or Depression interfere with your higher self
Are these closing the doors to your fun or enlightenment? Learn about alternative treatments for tension and chronic headaches and many types of migraines.
Referred pain from trigger points in the head and neck are an extremely common cause of the head pain. Some migraines are the result of sensitivities to foods and chemicals that you are exposed to. Both these causes can be controlled and treated without medications. Reducing serotonin depleting foods and chemicals and/or adding a supplement can not only reduce/eliminate head pain but can also treat depression and insomnia. Using this knowledge, Anomie has been Migraine free 2 years, antidepressant drug free 3 years.

The Body, Awareness, and Our Subsonic Senses
Before subsonic tones were first discovered, animal trainers working with elephants described strange, pleasurable states of being while working around the largest land mammals. Marine biologists described similar states while working with dolphins and whales. Then someone thought to put a microphone in the work areas and record what seemed like nothing. When they played the tapes back at ultra low speeds, a whole new world of language opened up to our senses and understanding. As well, a whole new field of study also opened up; the realm of subsonic sound. Our bodies hear them… our ears do not. Subsonic sound and the effects on us humans (basically bags of water held by sticks that sound waves pass through as a medium) is a growing interest, bringing the fields of music, physics, and psychology together. Join Professor Chas Smith in this exploration into the science, and meditative benefits of subsonic sound.

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Humor and Ritual
Exploring the seamy underbelly of the First Church of Fun with hands-on adventures into the mystery of Tickling Your Fancy. - Wavy Gravy

Journey into Non-Sense
We'll be polishing the invisible doorknobs on the Doors of Perception and awakening our senses of silliness through a series of exercises Mr. Gravy refers to quite simply as "Space Eat". Milerapa once said he "ate pebbles for penance, and when he grew hungry he ate the Void". Here we dine only on dessert!

Inner Senses-Yoga
The inner senses come alive in this gentle,flowing yoga practice and guided relaxation.The mind becomes still as it rides the breath on an inward journey.Suitable for all levels.Bring a mat or blanket to lie on. - Megan Harding

Wine Tasting
We will taste at least 3 whites and 3 red wines. These wines are available in Ohio. They have been chosen for their reasonable price and high quality. All of them are in the $10 dollar range. These wines are chosen from around the world and we know you'll find them interesting. Attendance is limited to 30 people. - Walter Grodzik & Joseph Rothenberg

Aromatherapy with Essential Oils
Our sense of smell is out most primitive sense, and the one most closely associated with our emotions. Sensory imput can stimulate both emotional and physiological responses. We will go through a brief history of the use of oils, some of the ways we can use them for their many benefits, and we will try some recipes using simple techniques tailored to our individual preferences. (Debbie will recommend some reference materials, and some products will be available for purchase after the workshop.)

Interface: Hands-On Experience With Electronic
Meditation Devices

A variety of light/sound and electrical stimulation devices will be available to examine and use. A brief explanation of this technology will be offered, followed by a discussion on artificially induced altered states of consciousness as a tool for art and communication. - Joe Rothenberg

African Perceptions: Colors and senses
Explaining the relationship between colors and deities amoung the yorubas and the Ancient Egyptians. The Yoruba tradition has retained a consistent relationship between colors and deities without regard to the influence of other religions. The ancient Egyptians associated colors, senses, and deities. Halim will be exploring using a keyboard to interpret color and artistic presentations. - Halim ElDabh

Pain over Pleasure?
Myofascial Trigger points are the common cause of that neck and shoulder pain, headaches, back pain, and most of the annoying twinges and stiffness that we all feel from time to time. We will learn how to recognize myofascial pain and how Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy can alleviate some of the more common complaints that interfere with quality of life. Myofascial Therapy is offered as a less invasive alternative to the NSAIDS and other pain medications and other treatments that you might take for common everyday pain as well as debilitating chronic pain. - Anomie

Rythmic Ribbon Dancing
Discover this martial art, using 9' and 13' long satin ribbons. This beautiful dance form is both an excellent cardio exercise as well as a mystical energy movement. Various techniques and the history of the dance will be presented. One hour session, ribbons provided. - Penny Goody

Optional Gateways
Are there different methods and times of ensouling as a human? Are there different levels of death we can select? Can we enhance the talents and abilities of our children through using Sex Magick in their conception? Nema discusses the basics of Magick and purpose.


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