A C E presents: winterstar 21 :: magic on the edge...
february 26-29, 2004 :: atwood lake resort, dellroy, oh


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Registration for the 21st Annual WinterStar Symposium opens Thursday at 6PM in the Hospitality House (Cottage 17), followed at 9:03 with the Welcome Wagon Pot-Luck Party, where we’ll be drummin’ and jammin’ late into the night and greeting the late-night arrivals. A great opportunity to make or re-make connections early in the program!

There’s nothing quite like the late-night activities at WinterStar, the perfect indoor festival to break up those long winter months. We’ve set up cottages to host parties of different styles:

The Acoustic-Jam Cabin with Billy Bardo and Friends serving up songs and stories, ribald and sublime, and whatever else they and their friends bring with them.

The Space-Jam Cabin with Ron Slabe, Cap'n Chas & Friends to supply foot stompin', body wigglin', bootie boppin' good rockin' all night long to rock your world, whichever one that may be.

The Drum-Jam Cabin with the beloved Dennis & Linda Murphy the usual suspects Dave Hope and Halim El-Dabh. Don't forget to dress in layers, it gets hot in there!

Registration and Merchant set-up begins at 11:30 AM on Friday in the lower level of the Lodge and the Opening Circle is held at 1:30, with classes running from 2:00 - 6:15. Jim Donovan and YOU will perform in the main hall at 8:00, with the WinterStar Community Concert

Classes continue Saturday from 9:30 AM until 6:15. At 6:45 ACE will host a banquet in the main hall to delight the palate, ($25 all you can eat). Then on Saturday night Ian Corrigan, Liafal and Billy Bardo present: The Sabbat of the Cauldron - A Mystical Entertainment And Ritual

Sunday at 11:00 AM Final Panel Discussion then break for cabin checkout. Attend the Closing Circle at 1:30, and take our last opportunity to visit our merchants and for warm farewells.

On Winterstar Saturday night we will join together for a small game, that will lead to a multi-media ceremony.

You are invited to join us in a costumed revel, held at the Gate of the Underworld. The Cauldron of Wonder, the source of the world's blessing, is being eclipsed by the Old Dark, and only the combined efforts of the Wise Ones can restore it to the world. We will be those wise ones. We will meet first to feast. Then as we dance and revel to live and recorded music, we will follow the clues that will enable us to create a powerful ritual to bind the Dark, by the power of the Horned God and the Underworld Mother, and gain the Vision of the Caudron. As usual at our Winterstar ritual workings, the rite will combine poetry, trance and movement with lights, sound and images to create a (rather Gothic) multi-media ritual experience.

We hope you will come dressed as your own magical self. How would you dress for such an occasion - to feast before the Underworld Gate, and work magic? Be prepared to help the Company of the Wise assemble clues and solve riddles, and join together to do a real work of visionary sorcery.

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