A C E presents: winterstar 21 :: magic on the edge...
february 26-29, 2004 :: atwood lake resort, dellroy, oh


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Belly Dance: Tribal-Funk Fusion
It's the newest rage in tribal belly dance: the fusion of Middle Eastern dance isolations with funk, hip hop, club dance and bollywood moves, to the sounds of modern club and industrial music from the East.  The workshops will teach you combinations and a short dance in this unique style. Some dance experience is helpful; however, all are welcome. - Zimra

Pop Culture Magick
This workshop shows people how to go about creating an entity based off a pop culture icon or persona, as well as then using that entity to accomplish a specific task for the magickian. This workshop gets participants to do actual hands on work in creating an entity. The participants are walked through the process so that they have a firm understanding of how to create an entity and how to incorporate pop culture into that creation. - Taylor Ellwood

Space/Time Magick and Sigil Work
I will present two advanced sigil magick techniques as ways of working with space/time in a non-linear fashion with the purpose being to shape reality to one's will. One technique shows people how to use multiple sigils representing multiple probabilities and how to connect the sigils together so that when one probability occurs so too will other the sigils activate. The second technique shows people how to use sigils in a web that can strengthen specific possibilities in one's life while cutting other unhealthy possibilities out of one's life. - Taylor Ellwood

The Shadow: Taming the Monster Within
Inside all of us are the very things we despise the most. John Coughlin introduces us to the concept of the shadow and how it influences us from the unseen places of the unconscious. John explores the path of individuation (becoming whole) as a spiritual path and aspect of high magic. Techniques for recognizing shadow traits and transforming them into more productive characteristics will be discussed.

Jim Donovan's Interactive Rhythm and Drumming Experience
The goal of this program is to get people playing music together and to experience the magic of group creation regardless of their prior musical experience. This highly energizing workshop is appropriate for the absolute beginner or experienced drummer. Jim guides the participants through a series of steps including playing technique; rhythmic ear training exercises, traditional multi-cultural rhythms as well as the full-on-anything goes drum circle jam at the end of the workshop. Jim’s relaxed and humor infused style of teaching is non intimidating and all-inclusive.

Learn the basics of hand drumming.
Explore rhythms from around the world :: Release stress :: Deepen Listening Skills :: Boost communication skills :: Enhance Creativity :: Learn mediation and entrainment techniques using the drum :: Drums Provided
Eat. Drum Sleep. Repeat Daily.

The Far Side of Twilight: Dark Roads in Celtia
To the Pagan Celts, twilight is the road into the night, the power of betweenness, the "neither-nor" where magic lurks. In the dark half of the year we honor the holy tides of death and repose, when the bones and husks of the years' harvest are boiled in the underworld cauldron. This talk will examine some of the weirder by-ways of Celtic lore, including: The Lord of the dead and the host of Ancestors, the bright Sidhe and the dark counter-curses and fairy doctors, Celtic Witchcraft and Shamanism, even bits of celtic Thelema (you don't have to be Egyptian) and celtic Cthulu! - Ian Corrigan

Basic Yoga
Lyrus Landholder will lead us in an easy morning session of Yoga, demonstrating basic stretches, breathing exercises and meditation. Great flexibility is not required, only the willingness to push and pull the body in a few new directions. The emphasis is on gentleness! You may wish to bring a small mat, a towel, or a blanket to put on the floor.

Edge of the Abyss: a Mobius Trip
If Magick and Mystery are the two sides of the coin of reality, the rim of that coin is the Abyss. Nema discusses the nature of Initiatory progress and its greatest crisis, the Abyss. She includes tips on helpful practices, on dissolving duality and on maintaining balance through it all..

Dark What???
John Coughlin attempts to define the elusive term Dark Paganism by exploring the concept of darkness from within a more pagan context. Find out what the dreaded left-hand path is all about and why we don't always get along.

Digitally Mediated Near Death Experience
The flicker of fires and the rhythm of  drums have long been used to produce altered states of cosciousness.  Audio Strobe CDs have created some of the most intense light /sound progams available.
This workshop will present the Audio Strobe compositions "Requiem" and "Beyond".  In these compositions Tamas Labs, Andrzej Slawinski, Collegium Cantorum, and  Peter Laros attempt to create an environment of near death experience. The authors based these compositions on measurements of the lighted emitted from dying yeast cells done by Dr. Janusz Slawinski.  These are some of the most visually intense consciousness altering programs Joe has experienced.
The compositions will be presented using an Audio Strobe decoder and a variety of LED glasses.  - Joseph Rothenberg

Finding the Sex in Belly Dance
Modern belly dancers spend a lot of time asserting that their dance is sensual, not sexual. This is true in the here and now; other times and places used the dance as a tool for seduction, sexual instruction, and as advertisement for "available services." This dance class will focus on the sexy side of belly dance. - Zimra
(Sorry, this one is not suitable for children!)

Speechless: Non-Verbal Ritual Design
Stop talking and start making magick!  This 1st-ever interactive experiment is your chance to "think outside the circle" when it comes to creating personal/ group rituals.  Challenging the status quo of word-reliant ritual design, we'll explore other ways to create sacred space, raise energy, define the purpose, and perform the work.  Then we'll give our Talking Selves a break and see where the energies take us!  Appropriate for all levels of ritual knowledge-bring ideas, instruments, and/or tools if desired. - Vicky Ganger

Intentional Keiretsu / Marginal Incubators
Freud said that two drives had to be satisfied before the human animal could achieve anything approaching real happiness. Love and work. And by work he meant more than just a paycheck.
Not long ago the satirical journal, The Onion, ran this headline: Bush Orders American Business ---Create 500,000 New Shitty Jobs. That's the future in a nutshell, innit?
Forced to sell our finite life energies on the open market for a wage that buys less and less each year. And shouldn't we gosh be grateful? It's no secret that the predatory capitalists among us are more than happy to pay only a buck a day if they can get away with it, and I'm told the poor schmucks are thrilled to get it, and its a long day!
You know the vision: it's that cheerless sub-civilization of existentially toxic McJobs performed in a hyper-coercive, coldly intrusive Hiveworld that the Cyberpunk novelists began channelling twenty years ago. If we don't find a different way to work together we are doomed, and our children are doomed.
In this new JayRave, Stevens juggles Henry Ford and Karl Marx, Prince Kropotkin and Peter Drucker, community currencies, the Multiplier Effect, pyramid schemes, edge sociology, along with rare interesting models of social incorporealization from all over the map; all the while proposing that the tools to play a vivid and radically different sort of economic game with each other are all around us. We need but pick them (and ourselves) up, and have at it.
Forming ourselves into Intentional Keiretsu, becoming Marginal Incubators. Liinking up into self-investment teams, playing the economic game with slightly diferent set of rules. As Winston Churchill said, give us the tools and we'll finish the job.

The Sixties Under Our Skin
The White House says that if Howard Dean is the Democratic nominee, then it is going to be a replay of the election of l972. Who knew life would get so weird so fast when we crossed that bridge to the 21st Century?
l972 was the year everyone knew that the sixties were dead and there was no going back. Whatever that phrase connoted in the minds of the people who had just lived through them, it wasn't around by l972. No heartbeat. The rhythm had changed and taken everyone with it. The Movement, turmbling through space since l969, was just about done shaking itself apart by the end of l972. The year when Richard Nixon and his Silent Majority administered to stop the war liberal and counterculture coddler, George McGovern, most brutal beating at the polls in the history of American presidential politics.
Of course in pursuit of this landslide RN and his merry men perpetrated quite a few of the crimes that Watergate is just a long and strange preface to. Nixon was going to radically rehsape the AmericanGovernment during his second term. He was going to do it with Executive Orders legitimized by Executive Privilege in a time of crisis. He wanted a huge mandate from the voters as a tool to use against the inevitable objectors. Nixon wasn't kidding when he quipped one day to his faithful Chief of Staff, Òyou know, Bob, weÕre the real revolutionaries here.
l972. Back when police state was a phrase you heard more than you wanted to. In l972 it was possible to read in the papers about the experimental concentration camps that the Justice Department were readying for the Protest Generation, if and when they needed to be isolated --for their own safety, of course.
In this JayRave Stevens re-invokes the baroque endgame of the sixties and contrasts it with the situation today.

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