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Winterstar 22

February 24-27, 2005 | Atwood Lake Resort

Rites and Rights

Stretch your mind. Challenge the accepted. Feed your soul something tasty.

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Three days of seminars for personal enlightenment, multicultural rituals for spiritual renewal, and damn fine parties for your thorough entertainment, all in a luxurious, warm and friendly social environment.

New! Alter your perception of our Vegetable Allies with Chaos Mage, Author and Wiccan Elder Nema as she discusses the traditional role of plants in human transpersonal consciousness.

New! Stretch you body and your mind with Lyrus Landholder and morning Yoga.

Experience Norse Oracular divination with Diana L. Paxson - renowned fantasy author (The Hallowed Isle Series), Consecrated Norse/Heathen Priestess (Troth), and Elder of the Covenant of the Goddess.

Attend Sunday Mass with the definitively nontraditional former First Lady of Ohio, Rev. Dagmar Braun Celeste; author, feminist activist, and one of the Catholic Church's first (and promptly excommunicated!) Woman Priests.

Discover from respected Womancraft practitioner and Midwife Sheri Winston why, more than ever before, Wholistic Sexuality is vital to a human's overall health and well being.

Open your inner flow with Dr. Jaz, PhD (radio host of Adventures in Consciousness), internationally recognized for his expertise in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and more.

Gain a higher understanding of the neurological synapse between magick, marijuana, and cultural mores of success with Philip H. Farber (author of FutureRitual).

Join the Hindu ritual and night twining of Snakes Rising— specialists in multiple, Middle-Eastern
rhythmic and melodic overlays in dance and music.

Exercise your right to Slack with The Church of the Subgenius’ own Rev. Ivan Stang, author, heretic and crackpotologist (Praise “Bob”!).

Get your mojo working with the drumming, dancing and ritual of The Niagara Voodoo Temple, a tradition born at the final destination of the Underground Railroad.

Turn on and Tune in with the Mind Machines of A.C.E. Director Joseph Rothenberg; light-and-sound stimulation devices that alter your state of consciousness.

Revel in what D.H. Lawrence referred to as the aristocracy of consciousness with The Babalon
Finishing School

Join the age-old honoring of the grape at Walter Grodzik's American NorthWest Wine Tasting
(nominal fee for wine and cheese - inquire onsite).


Whatever you prefer... whatever you do...

"It definitely changes you."

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