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Winterstar 22

February 24-27, 2005 | Atwood Lake Resort

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See below for a map to Atwood Lake Resort.

Workshops can be found with the brief biographies of our speakers. Speaker bios are located in one of two pages, Rites or Rights.


Subject to change...

6:00PM Registration Begins
10:00PM Welcome Wagon Party

1:30PM Opening Circle
2:00PM Arousal and Energy Skills - Winston
- - - - - Excommunication - Rev. Celeste
3:30PM Touch Magic - Winston
- - - - - Ecstatic Dance Primer - Snakes
4;00PM DVD World Premiere - Magick & Entheogens Volume 1
5:00PM Voodoo Drumming - Utu
- - - - - Digitally Mediated - Rothenberg
7:30PM Carnival: Voodoo Rite
10:00PM Oracular Seidh
After... Cottage Parties

9:30AM Yoga - Landholder
- - - - - Master your Fear - Jaz
11:00AM Ecstatic Dance belly - raymere/snakes
12:15PM Lunch
2:00PM Preparing for Mass - Rev. Celeste
- - - - - Ethical Slut - BFS
- - - - - Taking up the Runes - Paxson
3:30PM More of You - Jaz
- - - - - Psychedelics & Consciousness - Nema
5:00PM What's Left of Bob's Right Brain? - Rev. Stang
- - - - - Wine Tasting - Grodzik
8:30PM Puja and Performance - Snakes Rising
After - Cottage Parties

11:00AM Sunday Mass - Rev Celeste
12:15PM Closing Circle



WinterStar Considerations

• If you're in a lodge room and didn't tell Atwood you are part of Winterstar, please do so, we'll both get a discount.
• ALL attendees to the WinterStar Symposium must wear or carry the ID TAGS given to you when you check in. Admittance to workshops and activities will not be allowed without it.
• NO SMOKING on Lower Level of Lodge - this includes hallway, merchant rooms, workshop and Ballroom areas.
• LOW KEY dress and conduct is mandatory in all non-WinterStar areas of the Lodge.
• CABIN ASSIGNMENTS are tight. Please do not alter cabin arrangements without first checking with the Symposium Registration Desk. Do not occupy any rooms you have not paid for. You will be ejected from the event with no refund.
• RECYCLING is not available at Atwood. Please take recyclables home.
• INCENSE BURNING is prohibited in cabins at Atwood's request!
• Pool area visitors must wear proper swimwear. Please observe posted pool times and rules.
• Pets are prohibited in cabins and the Lodge. Excellent lodging for animal friends are available near the resort. Check with the Atwood front desk for details.
• CHILDREN for whom you are responsible must be supervised at all times.
• The cabins are fully equipped and inventoried. Missing cabin items will be charged to cabin occupants. Please respect the housekeeping employees, the cabins should be clean and AIRED-OUT when you leave.
• Please remember to fill out a SURVEY and either drop it off at the A. C. E. sales table or mail it to A. C. E.
• Cabin Location Maps, and other local area interest pamphlets, are available at Atwood’s Front Desk.
• Please, brings keys to the Atwood front desk before leaving

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