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Winterstar 23

February 23-26, 2006 | Atwood Lake Resort

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Rev. Dagmar Braun Celeste


was born on November 23, 1941 in Austria where she was recently ordained a Roman Catholic Priest on June 29th of 2002 (Feast day of Peter and Paul) and summarily excommunicated on July 22, the Feast day of Mary Magdalene. An Oxford Scholar, she met her future husband, ex Governor of Ohio Richard Celeste while pursuing a degree in Womens Studies and Public Policy, and Masters in Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Ministry.

Rev. Celeste is an author, the mother of six kids and seven grandkids, a former First Lady of Ohio, and an entrepreneur. Through her company, Ladybug Enterprises, she consults, coaches, and counsels individuals, groups, and businesses through personal and professional transitions and challenges.



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