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Winterstar 23

February 23-26, 2006 | Atwood Lake Resort

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Philip H. Farber


is the author of FUTURERITUAL: Magick for the 21st Century, amanual of neurological exploration. His articles on magick and popular culture have appeared in Green Egg Magazine, The Journal of Hypnotism, Hypnosis Today, Mondo 2000, High Times, Paradigm Shift, and other unique publications and web sites. Phil is a faculty member of Maybe Logic Academy, a project Phil is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming, with a private practice in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley.


The Group Mind
Did you know that it's possible to think with a mind other than your own? Whenever two or more humans join together, there is an interaction on a deep, unconscious level that often influences and guides the flow of the group. When a group is brought together in appropriate ways, the Group Mind can be brought to the surface, explored, and communicated with in very direct ways. Join us for a practical and experiential session, creating and chatting with our own Group Mind!

Gods, Demons, and Imaginary Friends (Whether You Believe in Them or Not)
Did you know that recent discoveries concerning human neurology suggest that the magical operation of evocation - contacting and communicating with spirits - has a biological basis? Our gods, demons, angels, loas, and imaginary friends are there for reasons beyond the obvious. Don't let them tell you you're crazy if you talk to your imaginary friends; come to this workshop and learn new, exciting, and practical ways to play with and learn from our less corporeal colleagues.

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