sects & sex

Winterstar 23

February 23-26, 2006 | Atwood Lake Resort

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LaSara FireFox


is an eclectic Witch raised in the Craft. She has a taste for new magicks, edge-play, and Divine Love. Second-generation Pagan Clergy, the Church of All Worlds ordained LaSara in 1999. LaSara is - by trade and desire - a writer, ritualist, Priest/ess, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, sex-positive educator and activist, and designer/facilitator of a wide variety of fun, interactive, exploration-based workshops, rituals and other experiences. Many of her productions focus on sexual, self, and relational empowerment.

LaSara's first book, Sexy Witch [Llewellyn Worldwide], hit the shelves in September of 2005. LaSara believes that the most revolutionary, and perhaps evolutionary, act we can engage in is becoming healthy, strong and self-defined. LaSara lives with her two daughters and husband in the wilds of northern California. Learn more about her at


Bending The Edge
Gender is a spectrum, and every step we walk around the circle has it’s own manifestation. Where do you live? Come to this workshop as the opposite of what you perceive your most constant or current relationship with your own gender-identity to be, and speak with this shadow voice. Invoke your gender-shadow, and see what we can learn from hir. We will listen to the revelations that will be spoken by our own alter-egos, talk about gender-play as edge-play, and see what we can learn from our own embodiment of Other. What and who do we become in The Other’s identity?

Get That Girl! Flirting to Make Friends and Get Laid in the Grrl/Grrl World
Get the attention of an entire room—or just that one sexy mama you want—with comfort and confidence. Join LaSara FireFox and explore the challenges and nuances of women flirting with women, regardless of your sexual orientation. We´ll explore blocks to effective flirting, learn how to be sensitive to boundaries, and discuss the barriers endemic to female-on-female flirting. We´ll work on cultivating a personalized sense of flirt-ethics, discuss ways to overcome debilitating politeness, and help you develop your own flirting style. This class is fully inclusive and men are welcome.

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