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Winterstar 23

February 23-26, 2006 | Atwood Lake Resort

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is an initiate in the Minoan Brotherhood, a branch of Traditional Witchcraft that is geared mainly toward gay and bisexual men. He has been involved with and lead numerous pagan groups and circles over the last 15 years. Ea has studied ceremonial magick with several different groups and in several traditions. He practices Enochian magick and considers himself a Thelemite. He is co-founder of the OAV, a Thelemic magickal order for gay and bi men. Ea is a co-facilitator of GLBT events at Pagan Spirit Gathering. Ea is a member and co-facilitator of The Green Faerie Grove in Columbus, Ohio. Ea writes about gay sex magick and the spiritual dimensions of arts and crafts and entrepreneurship.


Non-duality and Magickal Consciousness
Polarity and balancing of opposites is often a topic discussed in magickal circles. This focus on polarity has often left GLBT people wondering how to work magick without the obvious male-female polarity.
This workshop will discuss non-duality as a nature evolution of polarity in magickal consciousness. We will discuss the "Three Wonders" of Buddhism and the bisexual (half male - half female) gods and goddesses of India. To bring non-duality into a western context we'll discuss some suggestions of non-duality in Thelema and the icon of Baphomet.

Into the Shadow: GLBT People as Guides to the Underworld (And What Straight People Can Learn from Them)
Using the tale of Inanna's descent to the Underworld and focusing on the beings "neither male nor female" sent by Enki to rescue Inanna, we'll discuss the role of GLBT people as spiritual outsiders and as the shadow beings of straight people. We'll look at how GLBT use their outsider status to explore and work with shadow and discuss the roles of GLBT people as guides to working with shadow or the underworld. Straight people will discover ways to gain deeper insight into themselves by studying their shadow as represented by GLBT people and some techniques for working successfully with shadow and the underworld for themselves.

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