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Winterstar 23

February 23-26, 2006 | Atwood Lake Resort

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Niagara Voodoo Shrine


is the name of our Temple, the people who serve it and our Voodoo performance troupe. The people of N.V.S come from various traditions and magikal and spiritual statuses. We come together out of sheer love and service for the spirits and are obligated to none other.

We have a very loose approach, which allows for a more free expression and communion between us and spirit. An example of this is how we serve both the Loa and Orisha nations of spirits. While this is unorthodox to some, to others it is a very natural union. This allows for a rich and vibrant celebration of the traditions of Voodoo and Lukumi (Santeria) as well as the traditions of the Yoruba and Dahomey tribes of Africa where many of these spirits originated.

Through research, handed down information and traditions, as well as an eager skeletal hand of friendship from the Gede themselves, the tapestry of Niagara Voodoo is becoming visible. At its core, Niagara Voodoo is celebratory and inspiring. For it is here that over years thousands of slaves found freedom (as well as a lot of hard work), and a marsh tradition of magik was founded on it.


Samba 101
A ll kinds of drums and noise makers welcome. For all level of drummers. Samba is a style of drumming that requires team work and devotion to a group rhythm. Come and enjoy the rhythms of Carnivale and parade music. By the end of the workshop we will be a sect of drummers (if you will) and prepared for the Jazz Funeral...

Jazz Funeral
New Orleans is nowhere close to being a normal functioning city. Most of the hardest hit parts are still devastated. Halloween happened (Utu was there helping Mambo Miriam clean up), and a scaled down Mardi Gras will have been celebrated, but in many ways New Orleans has suffered a death, never to be the same. It will be reborn, maybe better, but not the same. The official theme of the city's rebuilding is the infamous Jazz Funeral. There will be a ceremony to honour the tradition, remembering the city and those who perished. Many were homeless and poor, and have yet to recieve a proper memorandum. Come and join us for a heart felt celebration of life and death. Feel free to dress in funeral or colorful attire, drummers and dancers always wanted and welcome.

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