sects & sex

Winterstar 23

February 23-26, 2006 | Atwood Lake Resort

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Sheri Winston


is a teacher of Womancraft & Wholistic Sexuality and a Womancare practitioner, healer, counselor and educator. She is a retired certified nurse-midwife, registered nurse, women's health, sexuality and childbirth educator, women’s health issues counselor, massage therapist, writer and artist. She's worked with women’s health for over 20 years, helped over 500 women birth their babies and provided health care and counseling for thousands of women. In addition to providing primary gynecological care at Mid-Hudson Valley Planned Parenthood clinics, she has a private wholistic sexuality & women's health issues counseling practice where she teaches classes and playshops on sexuality & women's health throughout the US and Canada.


Sacred Boundaries
Our boundaries are where we meet the world around us. Learn to have healthy, clear, flexible and appropriate boundaries by cultivating a 4-step process for identifying, marking, gate-keeping and defending one's personal limits and borders. Exercises are set within a conceptual framework of manifesting the archetypes and energies of the Divine Goddess/God, the Teacher, the Guardian/Gatekeeper and the Warrior or the Lover. Learn to experience infinite freedom within your own sacred boundaries.

A Ritual of the Senses
Incorporate sex and spirit with sensual ceremony to integrate your Yin & Yang energies in a fun and luscious ritual to delight each of the senses. Practice the Yang skills of Appropriate Giving and the Yin skills of Active Reception. Expand your ability to become absorbed and explore energy play. Please bring a partner or find one there. Also please bring for your self and extra to share: pillow or blanket; delicious finger foods; items that feel delightful; things that make lovely sounds; beautiful objects or pictures and sources of wonderful aromas.

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