the 24th annual

WinterStar Symposium: Vision Quest

Exploring Realms of Consciousness

February 08-11, 2007 ~ Atwood Lake Resort

Sally Eaton

Born in 1947, ritualist Sally Eaton’s life parallels the rise of American NeoPaganism. Raised near the Lily Dale Spiritualist Centre, Sally was drawn to both trance mediumship and old-school Witchcraft. At age 12 she began training with a Fam-Trad practitioner of Danish descent. In 1965 Sally moved to New York to attend NYU and pursue a performing career. Here she continued her Occult studies, learning Astrology and Tarot, and later exploring the Magick of the Santeria. In 1968 Sally created the lead role of Jeannie, the witch in the hit Broadway musical Hair, which introduced the Aquarian Age to the general public. Her rendition of the song "Air" became one of the hits from the play's soundtrack. Hair is a heavily ritualistic play, and Sally’s role as its Earth Mother/High Priestess brought her unique training in performing dramatic ritual for a live audience. In the mid-70’s Sally migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area, becoming active in the New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn, the West Coast Craft Tradition, and the O.T.O. under Caliph Hymenaeus Alpha. With these and many other organizations Sally shared her knowledge of acting and stagecraft - writing and directing dramatic rituals and presenting unique workshops on Acting as Magick. On her return to New York in 1983, Wicca became Sally’s main spiritual focus: her own Coven WillowStar has been active since 1988. In the mid-1980’s Sally presented lectures, rituals, and performances at some of the earliest Starwoods and WinterStars. We welcome Sally back to the bill after over 20 years.

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