the 24th annual

WinterStar Symposium: Vision Quest

Exploring Realms of Consciousness

February 08-11, 2007 ~ Atwood Lake Resort

Options for Winterstar Registration -- preregistration is closed


Cabin accommodations and merchant tables can not be guaranteed.

Seminar fee includes all activities, workshops and presentations Thursday through Sunday unless otherwise noted. No individual workshop or one day rates available.

Registration is available at the door, but cabin space maybe unavailable at that time. Feel free to ask us though, last minute cancellations do ocurr.

Atwood lodge rooms are availble.

Consider the Winterstar Event Fees and the Accommodations to be two separate things. Those close enough to commute are free to pay only the seminar fee and still enjoy all the benefits of Winterstar.

Symposium and accommodation fees:

Non ACE Members
At the door: $100.00

ACE Members
At the door: $85.00

ACE Membership
Save $15 on Winterstar! $65.00

Merchants (Must be paid attendee)
1 table per merchant: $60.00

Friday and Saturday Accommodations if available:

Add Thursday if available:

Note: The cost of a room is per room, and not per person. Two people staying in a cabin room will pay only once for the room, there is no break or penalty for single or or double occupation of a room.

Lodge Accommodations: Reserve Room(s) through Atwood 1-800-362-6406
- Mention you're coming to Winterstar and get your special Winterstar discount!

Fine Print

Accommodations and merchants fees must be pre-paid. Seminar fee includes all activities, workshops and presentations Thursday through Sunday. No individual workshop or one day rates available.


We do not match roommates! If you are a single person and you reserve a bedroom, it's all yours! You pay the cost by yourself and sleep alone - unless you make your own arrangements, but don't ask us!

If you are attending with someone, you only need to pay for the bedroom once. Both people do not need to pay for the same bedroom twice. Both people would, in effect, share the cost for the bedroom.

Smoking Preferences

We used to declare all cabins non smoking. If we can create cabin assignments where all occupants are OK with smoking, then that cabin is a smoking cabin. If one person has an issue, then the cabin will be by default, non smoking. Please, please, please, indicate your preference so the experience can be more comfortable for all. As always, we'll do our best, but can make no guarantees...