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Winterstar 25

Healing Bodies

Healing Spirits


February 28 - March 2, 2008 | Atwood Lake Resort



INA MAY GASKIN Certified Professional Midwife, is a founder and director of The Farm Midwifery Center, located near Summertown, Tennesee. Founded in 1971 in connection with The Farm Community (the largest and most successful hippie community in the world), the Center has handled over 2000 births with remarkably good statistics. Ina May has attended more than 1000 births herself. Her texts Spiritual Midwifery and Babies, Breast-Feeding, and Bonding have become classics in the field of pre- and post-natal care. She is the first living inductee to the Counter-Culture Hall of Fame, and the first woman to hold that honor.


Stephen Gaskin is a well-known teacher and counter-culture personality, and the author of several books including Haight- Ashbury Flashbacks, Rendered Infamous, Cannabis Spirituality, This Season's People, and Outlaw in My Heart. He is a founder of The Farm Community: the largest and most successful hippie community in the world, created by a caravan of 400 hippies in 50 school-busses (and about 40 other vehicles), travelling across country from Haight-Ashbury. Stephen is also a founder of he Rocinante Health Center Project and Plenty International, an overseas relief and development company that helped rebuild 1200 houses and put in 27 kilometers of waterpipe in Guatemala, set up clinics in Lesotho and Mexico, and manifest many other projects around the world including the Jefferson Award winning South Bronx Ambulance Project in New York City. Plenty Int. is presently aiding victims of Hurricane Katrina. He will be presenting - The Politics of Healing: The Spiritual Obligation to be a Political Activist


PRIESTESS MIRIAM CHAMANI is the Mombo (Mother/Priestess) of the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple and, with her husband Voodoo Priest Oswan Chamani, a founder of the temple. "Mother" or "Mombo" Miriam, as she is also known, was ordained a bishop in the "Angel Angel All Nations Spiritual Church" prior to her marriage. Upon his death on March 6, 1995, Miriam Chamani continued her husband's Belizan Vodou and herbalism traditions in addition to her own spiritualist practices, and continues many of the inclusive trends of Black Christian Spiritualism, seeking to serve all peoples regardless of race or belief. She has appeared at both the Starwood Festival and the WinterStar Symposium several times as both a speaker and a liturgist, and thereby was one of the first priestesses to present authentic Voodoo rituals to the Neo-Pagan community, along with Louis Martinie' and the Temple drummers of the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple (Krewe of Nutria). She is married to environmentalist Allen Villeneuve.


Isaac Bonewits is one of North America's leading experts on Druidism, Witchcraft and the rapidly growing Earth Religions movement. A practicing NeoPagan priest, scholar, teacher, bard and polytheologian for over thirty years, he has coined much of the vocabulary and articulated many of the issues that have shaped the NeoPagan community in the United States and Canada. He holds the only accredited degree ever given in Magic (U.C. Berkeley), and is a founder and Archdruid Emeritus of Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). He is the author of the classic Real Magic, Authentic Thaumaturgy, Bonewits's Essential Guide to Witchcraft and Wicca,Bonewits's Essential Guide to Druidism, Neopagan Rites,and (with his wife Phaedra) Real Energy. (Currently, he and Phae have a Top Secret Conspiracy they will reveal to the world at Winterstar! Be afraid, be very afraid!)


Nema is a veteran Magickian/Mystic who has written Maat Magick: a Guide to Self-Initiation (Weiser), The Priesthood: Parameters and Responsibilities (Black Moon), and The Way of Mystery: Magick, Mysticism & Self-Transcendence (Llewellyn). She is an Elder in the Circle of the Sacred Grove, Church of Pantheist Wicca, a former member of the Typhonian OTO, and a Chaos mage.


Rev. Ivan Stang has (and sells) a Doktorate in the Forbidden Sciences from Dobbstown University, a Malaysian bastion of kookademia. He is the author of The Book of the SubGenius, High Weirdness by Mail, Three Fisted Tales of "Bob", and Revelation X. He’s the director of "ARISE!: the SubGenius Video" and numerous award winning animated films. A touring SubGenius preacher, spreading the word of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, his syndicated radio show The Hour of Slack just reached its 1000th episode after 20 years on the air. A talented artist, he created the artwork for this year’s WinterStar flyer, and several other Starwood and WinterStar promotions.


MARY JO SMILEY (aka ANOMIE) Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist who has been been practicing this modality since 1999, and Medical Massage for several years now. A longtime friend of ACE and the Chameleon Club, she was introduced to Myotherapy in 1985 and, after years of informal study and exploration, obtained formal training and certification at The Acadamy for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA. She specializes in migraines, headaches and upper body problems (partially because they were her own pain complaints, and partially because they are so common). Pain medications seldom work for long term relief, and sometimes have undesirable side-effects, but in many cases treating the trigger points and doing simple stretches at home can treat or actually remove the source of the pain.


Ian Corrigan has been teaching, learning, singing and playing in the American Neopagan movement since 1976. Beginning by teaching ‘Witchcraft, Magic & the Occult’ for the Kent State University Free School, he has decades of experience in a variety of occult, pagan and magical topics. Having received his 3rd degree initiation in Celtic Traditional Wicca in the early 80s, Ian has led eclectic study groups, a traditional Wiccan coven and a Druid Grove. Beginning with early study of the Western Mystery Tradition, Hermetic Qabalah and the Tarot, Ian has spent over 20 years developing his understanding of Celtic Paganism and the Druid’s way. He became active in Ar nDraiocht Fein in 1990, serving as ADF’s first Chief Liturgist and first elected Vice-Archdruid and as Archdruid for a short time, and is now a fully ordained priest in ADF’s Druidic Order. He is an Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF’s oldest congregation, and the primary author and editor of ADF’s Dedicant training program. Ian is the author of The Portal Book: Teachings & Works of Celtic Witchcraft, Sacred Fire, Holy Well: Resources for Celtic Paganism, Grammary, and The Book Of The Dragon: Pagan Ceremonial Magic. He is also a fine singer and performer, as his CD Once Around The Wheel demonstrates. He sings the music of the British Isles, Pagan and magical songs, and things he likes. Along with Liafal, his partner and priestess, he is part of Awen, a Pagan folk duet.


Liafal, M. Ed, is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and a former Senior Druid of Stone Creed Grove. She is a professional educator and a Priestess of the Traditional Craft, past Vice Archdruid for ADF, a past officer of the Ohio local Covenant of the Goddess, and has been a major motivating force behind the Starwood Festival Kids’ Programming for many years. A talented singer, she performs in the group Awen.


Louis Martinie Author, liturgist, percussionist, a Spiritual Doctor and Drummer/Priest/Elder of the New Orleans VooDoo Spiritual Temple, and a primary drummer for the rituals of Priestess Miriam Chamani. He drums with the Mambo Muslima, Cabal Tambour Dan-i, Krewe of Nutria, and for the ritual shows of the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, and has conducted ritual drumming workshops with Don DuFrane and Luis Manuel Nunez. He teaches and offers confirmation in an Order of Service to the loa that combines elements of New Orleans Voodoo with Tibetan Buddhism. A frequent presenter at both the Starwood Festival[1] and the WinterStar Symposium, and the editor for Black Moon Publishing, Martinie' has been associated with the anarchistic grouping of ritual magicians known as Bate Cabal. He will present - Old New Orleans Voodoo Drumming: Birth as Healing. Confirmation in an Order of Service to the Loa; New New Orleans Voodoo; Choosing to Heal. Mademoiselle Katrina and Saint John the Baptist.


Marty Laubach holds a Ph.D. in Sociology at Indiana University on the Sociology of Altered States of Consciousness. He is one of the founders of the Crystal Serpent (a Bloomington ritual Magick group) and the Bloomington CUUPs chapter. He was an elder of the ELF Lore Family from 1985 to 1992 and editor of the Elven Chronicles newsletter (currently working with Black Moon Publications), and has co-organized major rituals (with Bete Cabal) at past WinterStar Symposiums and ELF Fests. He has practiced and taught Tai Chi since 1976, using William Chen's adoption of Cheng Man-Ch'ing long and short forms.


Ron Slabe has been a seeker of unusual sounds for over twenty years, and will hit just about anything to find out what it sounds like. He has been using electronics to make sound since the late 1970’s, and burning things and blowing things up for considerably longer. Using electronics and found objects, he weaves diverse influences into a dense sonic web designed to invoke a variety of emotional states. His work has been featured at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival and at Cleveland Public Theatre, the Psychedelicatessen, and small and large venues around Northeast Ohio. He has performed regularly at ACE events since 1986 beginning with the first MusicStar Festival, and he has been the primary performer and mastermind of StarWood’s Brushfire Island Multi-Media Show since 1991, with his performance group Pyrosonic. Objects in close proximity to him display a curious tendency to burst into flame.


Joseph Rothenberg (BA, RN) holds degrees in Psychology, Political Science, and Nursing. He is the program director and principal financial officer for ACE and the Chameleon Club, also an original organizer of the Starwood Festival and the Winterstar Symposium. A registered nurse since 1990 he was one of the first inductees into the Cleveland Clinic Nurses Hall of Fame. As a member of the steering committee for Heights Families for Equality, he worked on the successful campaign to create a domestic partners’ registry in Cleveland Heights.He has been working with light/sound meditation enhancement and Biofeedback since 1979.

Donna Boswell L.M.T. is a long-time Chameleon and ACE organizer, and a past director of First Aid and the Healers' Row at Starwood. She is a certified Alpha-Stim technician, a licensed massotherapist, the former president of the Ohio State Massotherapy Association, and a member of the American Association for the Study of Mental Imagery, founded by Dr. Bernie Siegal. She maintains a private practice in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.


Expand the Frontiers of your Consideration.

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