Vision Quest

Winterstar 25

February 28-March 2, 2008 | Atwood Lake Resort

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On-line registration using Paypal

Will be accepted through January 28, the following suggestions should lead to an easy, hassle free paypal transaction.

For those unfamiliar with the pay pal system, once you click on an "add item" button, a window will open and display your shopping cart. You may add and remove items at whim but please review your total before checking out. Make sure that if you register for more than one person or want to be in a cabin with someone else that you clearly state that in the "add a message" portion of the transaction. Please don't make us guess... about anything (inevitably we'll get it wrong ;^). If you have questions please ask...

Accommodations and merchants fees must be pre-paid. Seminar fee includes all activities, workshops and presentations Thursday through Sunday. No individual workshop or one day rates available.

Seminar fees and Accommodations are handled separately, so let's start with the Seminar fees:

Click once for each instance of the following (a shopping cart window will open):

ACE Member Seminar Fee


Non ACE Member


New ACE Membership

Renew ACE Membership

Save $15 on Winterstar! $65.00

Merchant Fee

(Must be paid guest)
1 table per merchant
Approx 6'x10'

By now, you should have a paypal shopping cart window somewhere on your computers' desktop. Review that your selections are valid before moving onto the next section.

Next, you'll want to select your accommodations. We reserve all cabins so you'll simply pay your money to ACE and we'll assign you a cabin room with other guests. If you have any special needs, please indicate them through the "add a message" feature or send us an e-mail clearly identifying yourself and what your needs are. We'll do our best... Please note: Per New Atwood Policy all Cabins are Non-Smoking we regret any inconvience this may cause our guests.

Remember, the deadline for reserving cabin space is 1/28/08. You can check after that but there are no guarantees space will be available.

Friday and Saturday
Cabin Accommodations

Double Bedroom

(Max occupancy 2) $140.00

Day Bed

(Max occupancy 1) $ 55.00
Add Thursday

Double Bedroom

(Max occupancy 2) $ 70.00

Day Bed

(Max occupancy 1) $ 30.00

At this point, you should have one or more symposium fees and one bedroom per couple or single guest. Only one person per couple needs to pay for a bedroom.

Unless you are staying in the Lodge, in which case you only have one or more symposium fees in your cart and you are ready to check out.

If staying in the Lodge, you must make your arrangements with the friendly and helpful staff at Atwood:

Lodge Accommodations:
Reserve Room(s) through Atwood 1-800-362-6406  
Mention you're coming to Winterstar and get your Winterstar discount!

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