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Winterstar artWinterstar 26

Tribal Spirituality


February 12 - 15, 2009 | Atwood Lake Resort


Friday Night Concert


THE DRAGON RITUAL DRUMMERS The northmen cometh...The DRD are a Canadian Pagan drum troupe/ritual performance ensemble with a global following. Their show is something that has to be experienced. Invocations, dancing and an interactive uplifting ceremonial performance guaranteed to make you move. The DRD have been featured in New Witch, Pan Gaia, Circle Sanctuary news, Pagan Pulse Magazine and numerous other Pagan and mainstream media. They have performed and headlined top Pagan festivals in both Canada and the U.S.. The DRD made North American Pagan Music history when they hit #1 on the myspace music charts July 2008 for their genres and stayed there for several months. www.myspace.com/dragonritualdrummers, www.dragonritualdrummers.com


PAPA ASSANE M'BAYE & TAM TAM MAGIC is a Cleveland-based percussion ensemble, made up of Senegalese drummers who have been performing authentic West African rhythms in Northeast United States for over eight years. Assane, a native of Dakar, Senegal, has spent over a decade performing and teaching abroad in Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and the U.S. A former member of the National Ballet of Senegal, Assane spent five years in Spain teaching and performing sabar and djembe drumming. He is known for his skill and speed on the djembe, but he is equally adept at sabar, djun djun, sangba, and kenkeni among others, and he is a powerful vocalist who comes from a long line of Griot artists and storytellers. He has conducted dance and drum workshops in San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, New York City, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland, where he works with Passport Project. His recent CD, Mame Michelle Lam, created in Senegal while visiting with his family, is a tribute to his grandmother, and features vocals by her and his mother. HEAR SAMPLES.

and just added: THE BARDO BROTHERS 



HALIM EL-DABH is a Professor Emeritus of African Ethno-Musicology from Kent State University. He has traveled the world on projects by such organizations as the Smithsonian Institute studying and participating in the music of tribal cultures, and was honored at the reopening of the library at Alexandria. He is an experienced drummer and performer on a wide variety of authentic African musical instruments and on keyboard. He was a soloist with Leopold Stokowsky, and he's the composer of the music for Martha Graham's Clytemnestra, Nuriev and Margo Fontayne's The Fallen Angel Lucifer, Nile Festival Music, Ramses the Great Symphony, Lament of the Pharaoh, and the sound-light show for the Pyramid of Egypt. His production Opera Flies was part of the 25th Anniversary memorial program for the Kent State shooting. A pioneer in the field of electronic music, he has a CD compilation of early work entitled Crossing Into the Electric Magnetic. Halim has worked with both the Ohio Arts Council and Cleveland Public Theatre On Blue Sky Transmissions: The Tibetan Book of the Dead. He will share African Tribal Rituals and Rhythms. HEAR SAMPLES.


LAUREN RAINE is a painter, sculptor, mask artist, performance artist, author, and choreographer with work in international private, public, and museum collections. She has been the Director of Rites of Passage Gallery, a Center for Transformative Arts, in Berkeley, California. She is a recipient of the Alden B. Dow Creativity Center Fellowship for the year 2007. Raine holds a BFA from the University of California at Berkeley and an MFA in painting and cross-disciplinary arts from the University of Arizona (1987). She has attended Otis Art Institute and the New England Institute for Art Therapy. She learned to make Commedia dell'arte masks, and was introduced to the shamanic use of masks, at the New York Renaissance Festival in 1989. In 2000 she went to Bali, where she studied with master maskmaker Ida Bagus Anom. She will speak on Tribal Masks, and lead a hands-on mask-making workshop. See her WEBSITE.


SIDIAN MORNING STAR JONES is the grandson of the Native American Medicine Man and author Rolling Thunder. He was a student of theology and spirituality when, at the age of 20, he met Dr. Stanley Krippner PhD (one of the most prominent figures in parapsychology). He encouraged Sidian to write book reviews for the Association of Humanistic Psychology magazine and give talks at a few universities and events including University of Massachusetts, Amherst, University of Munich, Germany and others. He is a founder of the Redefine God Project, a network for "Open-Source Spirituality", and maintains a blog called The Daily Cultist. He will discuss the Shamanism of Rolling Thunder and Personal Mythology. See his WEBSITE.


TANNIN SCHWARTZSTEIN has dedicated a significant part of her life in pursuit of various spiritual arts both privately and professionally. Tannin has studied diverse practices and paths such as Gi Gong, Shamanistic energy techniques, Gnosticism, Afro-Caribbean religions, and even a pinch of Ceremonial Magick. Currently, she is the proprietor of Bones and Flowers, a specialty occult shop in Worcester MA, as well as online (www.bonesandflowers.com). She has co-authored two books published through Llewelyyn World Wide (Urban Primitive, October 2002 and Welcoming Hera’s Blessing: Handfasting and Wedding Rituals, December 2003) with Raven Kaldera. She will discuss Modern Tribalism and Polyamory.


REV. IVAN STANG has (and sells) a Doktorate in the Forbidden Sciences from Dobbstown University, a Malaysian bastion of kookademia. He is the author of The Book of the SubGenius, High Weirdness by Mail, Three Fisted Tales of "Bob", Revelation X and The Bobliographon. He’s the director of "ARISE!: the SubGenius Video" and numerous award winning animated films. A touring SubGenius preacher, spreading the word of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, his syndicated radio show The Hour of Slack has enjoyed 23 years on the air. Stang will pull out all stops and explain for once and for all why everything is so screwed up. Stang will also be showing his new 2009 psychedelic video compilation, CEREBRAL REFORMATTER. See subgenius.com for more, including many streaming videos.


DENITA BENYSHEK (pictured with Shipibo shaman Enrique Flores) is a doctoral student in the Psychology of Consciousness and Spirituality at Saybrook Graduate School. Her research is on the contemporary artist as shaman. During 15 years of teaching in remote, Native American villages in the Alaskan bush, Denita Benyshek's paintings developed far from the coastal art scenes. She later earned an MFA in drawing and painting, then a MA in psychology. Her artwork was included in Redefining Visionary Art, New York City, curated by Suzi Gablik and Ehud Sperling. In addition, she received numerous grants, exhibited widely, and is represented in many public art collections including the Glasmuseet (Glass Museum) in Ebeltoft, Denmark. She taught at the College of Folk Arts and Culture in Pskov, Russia, worked on films, and created multi-media performances. A talented artist, she created the artwork for this year’s WinterStar flyer, entitled Animus. She will speak on Slavic and Alaskan Shamanism, and the Artist as Shaman. See her WEBSITE.


IAN CORRIGAN has been teaching, learning, singing and playing in the American Neopagan movement since 1976. Beginning by teaching ‘Witchcraft, Magic & the Occult’ for the Kent State University Free School, he has decades of experience in a variety of occult, pagan and magical topics. Having received his 3rd degree initiation in Celtic Traditional Wicca in the early 80s, Ian has led eclectic study groups, a traditional Wiccan coven and a Druid Grove. Beginning with early study of the Western Mystery Tradition, Hermetic Qabalah and the Tarot, Ian has spent over 20 years developing his understanding of Celtic Paganism and the Druid’s way. He became active in Ar nDraiocht Fein in 1990, serving as ADF’s first Chief Liturgist and first elected Vice-Archdruid and as Archdruid for a short time, and is now a fully ordained priest in ADF’s Druidic Order. He is an Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF’s oldest congregation, and the primary author and editor of ADF’s Dedicant training program. Ian is the author of The Portal Book: Teachings & Works of Celtic Witchcraft, Sacred Fire, Holy Well: Resources for Celtic Paganism, Grammary, and The Book Of The Dragon: Pagan Ceremonial Magic. He is also a fine singer and performer, as his CD Once Around The Wheel demonstrates. He sings the music of the British Isles, Pagan and magical songs, and things he likes. Along with Liafal, his partner and priestess, he is part of Awen, a Pagan folk duet. See Ian's WEBSITE.


LIAFAL, M. Ed, is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and a former Senior Druid of Stone Creed Grove. She is a professional educator and a Priestess of the Traditional Craft, past Vice Archdruid for ADF, a past officer of the Ohio local Covenant of the Goddess, and has been a major motivating force behind the Starwood Festival Kids’ Programming for many years. A talented singer, she performs in the group Awen.


JOY WEDMEDYK (Olorisha Omi Lasa) is an initiated priestess in Regla de Ocha, an Ifa tradition commonly referred to as Santeria. For 30 years she has studied and learned from the spirits and ancestors of the planet and from the indigenous people of the Americas, Africa and Cuba. Joy continues to develop her skills as priestess, medium, healer, artist and drum maker. She has been traveling and teaching for over 25 years. Her workshops give the participants an opportunity to experience and learn from the cosmology and mythology of the indigenous people of the earth. She will speak on Santeria and Ancestor Worship. See her WEBSITE.


A.J. GOOCH has been playing the Australian Didgeridoo for seven years, and counts among his teachers Stephen Kent, Alan Shockley and Jason Gazda. He is a talented drummer, and an organizer of a weekly Drum JamCircle that meets in Cleveland. He is a member of Ar nDraiocht Fein and Senior Druid of Stone Creed Grove, and a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. He has also been brewing beer and mead for over 19 years, and teaching the brewing of beer and mead and the art of making cordials and elixirs for over a decade. He will demonstrate the didgeridoo and discuss its spiritual significance.


RON SLABE has been a seeker of unusual sounds for over twenty years, and will hit just about anything to find out what it sounds like. He has been using electronics to make sound since the late 1970’s, and burning things and blowing things up for considerably longer. Using electronics and found objects, he weaves diverse influences into a dense sonic web designed to invoke a variety of emotional states. His work has been featured at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival and at Cleveland Public Theatre, the Psychedelicatessen, and small and large venues around Northeast Ohio. He has performed regularly at ACE events since 1986 beginning with the first MusicStar Festival, and he has been the primary performer and mastermind of StarWood’s Brushfire Island Multi-Media Show since 1991, with his performance group Pyrosonic. Objects in close proximity to him display a curious tendency to burst into flame. See his MySPACE PAGE.


THE NIAGARA VOODOO SHRINE is located in St. Catharines Ontario Canada, where the ledgendary Unerground Railroad ended. Harriet Tubman brought hundreds of freedom seeking slaves to the area, many of whom were renowned bush doctors, conjurers and like Harriet Tubman herself, diviners. The Niagara Voodoo Shrine has been integral in keeping the the Niagara Voodoo traditons alive, sharing the wonderful and inspiring ceremonies of this Carolinian Forest tradtion, which invokes transformation with the spirits and animals of the marsh and swamp. See their MYSPACE PAGE. Email: niagaravoodooshrine@hotmail.com

Special Featured Film: MODERN TRIBALISM - Journey into America's primitive soul in this "graphic, unflinching and startlingly touching" (L.A. Weekly) documentary about the resurgence of humanity's oldest and most intense rituals. From garden-variety tattooing, to frenzied effigy-burning festivals, to the disturbing extremes of body-piercing, Modern Tribalism explores the cultural context surrounding this underground movement. Examples range from Shamanic workshops and tattoo parlors to the Burning Man Festival, with extra short segments on such esoteric subjects as Techno-Paganism.

Expand the Frontiers of your Consideration.

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