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Where's WinterStar?

There’s something missing.

The WinterStar Symposium.
Our wonderful mid-winter gathering, held at Atwood Lake Resort in Dellroy, OH, for many, many years.

With its cushy Lodge and cozy cabins Atwood has been a warm and welcoming haven for our WinterStar event. Unfortunately, the facility is experiencing tough economic times and is currently not in full-service operation. Official confirmation was received far too late to lock down a new location for 2011.

So...rather than give attendees a less-than-complete experience (what’s WinterStar without the Lodge pool, hot-tub & restaurant?) our organizers have chosen to focus time and energy on more concerted planning for this year’s upcoming Starwood Festival (July 5-11, Wisteria, Pomeroy, OH).

We hope that come 2012, our WinterStar will once again shine forth to beckon us back together.

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